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Exhibition of paintings Under Vault of Indian Dreams starts in Penza

04.07.20 18:31

More than 50 paintings are displayed at the Under the Vault of Indian Dreams exhibition, which was opened at the Governor's House of Penza.

Park of Museum-Reserve Tarkhany to be open to visitors starting June 23

21.06.20 09:00

The park of the Lermontov State Museum-Reserve Tarkhany, located in Belinsky area of Penza region, will be open to visitors starting Tuesday, June 23. This is stated in a message posted on the website of the institution.

Stargorod celebrates its 20th anniversary with big concert in Penza

28.11.19 12:35

The governor's ensemble of soloists Stargorod celebrated its 20th anniversary with a big concert in the Penza regional philharmonic.

205th anniversary of Lermontov's birth to be celebrated in Tarkhany Museum of Penza

13.10.19 12:11

Events dedicated to the 205th anniversary of the birth of poet, novelist and playwright Mikhail Lermontov will be held in the state Museum-Reserve Tarkhany next Tuesday, October 15.

Sound of new piano demonstrated in Penza music school No. 1

02.10.19 19:13

At a request of PenzaNews, Tatyana Kravchenko, teacher of the Penza Children's Music School No. 1 and head of the Junior Choir, demonstrated the sound of the Nikolai Rubinstein Piano, which was handed over to the institution as part of the national project "Culture".

Festival of poetry on Pushkin's birthday organised in Penza

06.06.19 15:03

A festival of poetry dedicated to the 220th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Pushkin and the Day of the Russian Language was held in the public garden named after the great Russian poet and writer on Thursday, June 6.

12,000 people visit Jazz May Festival in Penza

21.05.19 12:07

12,000 people visited the 9th international festival of jazz music Jazz May, which was held in Penza during three days. This was reported by the press service of the regional government.

Summer festival Music for City Streets starts in Penza

07.05.19 17:57

The annual summer festival Music for City Streets started in Penza on Tuesday, May 7.

Over 200 paintings for new exhibition delivered to Penza gallery

22.04.19 14:45

Over 200 paintings were delivered from Serdobsk to Penza for the opening of a new exhibition in the Savitsky picture gallery on Monday, April 22.

Art festival Back to 1960s to be held in Penza

08.04.19 10:47

Outdoor urban art festival Back to 1960s dedicated to the culture of those years will be held at the concert hall Oktyabr in Penza on Friday, April 12.

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