08:31:14 Friday, July 10
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Victor Kuvaytsev encourages to organize more great events

18.08.18 14:15

Penza mayor Victor Kuvaytsev ordered the officials responsible for the sphere of culture to complement the plan of city activities with significant events.

Exhibition of still life prepared in Penza gallery

11.07.18 14:04

Opening of the exhibition of still life "Summer Fresh" will be held in the Penza picture gallery named after K.A. Savitsky on Friday, July 13.

Lermontov festival in Penza Tarkhany held for 47th time

07.07.18 18:13

On July 7 admirers of Mikhail Lermontov's works from different parts of Russia gathered in the state museum-reserve Tarkhany located in the Belinsky area of the Penza region to celebrate poetry for the 47th time.

Two-day festival of poetry starts in Penza

06.07.18 11:32

The two-day Lermontov poetry festival, which is held for the 47th time, started in Penza in the morning on Friday, July 6.

Concert "Dedicated to Beloved Penza!" to be held in regional library

11.06.18 10:51

A musical meeting "Dedicated to Beloved Penza!" timed to the 355th anniversary of the city will be held in the regional M.Y. Lermontov library on Wednesday, June 13.

Historical and cultural event DanshinoFest first held in Penza region

28.05.18 13:15

The first interregional historical and cultural festival DanshinoFest was in a big way held on Trinity Sunday in Danshino village, Belinsky area, the Penza region, which is a place of compact residence of the Mordva.

Penza resident presents regional library about 1,000 books

12.05.18 09:09

Penza resident Inna Rezaeva presented the M.Y. Lermontov regional library her literature collection numbering about 1,000 books.

First volume of edition "The Penza Region at the Turn of 20th-21st Centuries" presented

23.04.18 19:32

The presentation of the first volume of the edition "The Penza Region at the Turn of 20th-21st Centuries" under the title "The Dashing Nineties" was held in the gubernatorial house on Monday, April 23.

Penza governor suggests that young musicians play in shops

23.04.18 10:04

Penza shopping centres may become a kind of concert venues for young musicians, who have yet to gain the love of audience. Such an opinion was expressed by governor Ivan Belozertsev.

Etnokrai to be located in Penza public garden Semeiny

09.04.18 18:40

The ethnographic park Etnokrai will be located in the territory of the public garden Semeiny in Antonova street in Penza.

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