15:56:12 Friday, September 20
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Exhibition "Original Russia" opens in Penza

17.03.17 18:03

A photo exhibition of the Russian festival "Original Russia" was opened in the cinema concert hall “Penza” on Friday, March 17.

Film "Field of Mars" shot within project "History and culture of Penza region"

12.03.17 10:04

The third film – "Field of Mars" – was shot within the framework of the documentary project "History and culture of the Penza region".

Semen Goltsman awarded with badge “To glory of Penza land”

05.03.17 13:44

The honorary badge “To the glory of the Penza land” was awarded to the musician Semen Goltsman during his jubilee evening held in the Penza Lunacharsky Regional Drama Theatre on Friday, March 3.

Application process for "Jazz May" festival held in Penza started

05.03.17 12:41

An application process for musicians who want to take part in the 7th outdoor international festival of jazz music "Jazz May Penza" started in an official group of the event on the social network "VKontakte".

Rare book about flags and banners added to fund of Penza regional library

28.02.17 14:35

The book of a famous military historian Vladimir Zvegintsov "Banners and standards of the Russian Army (the 16th century – the 1914 year) and marine flags" was added to the fund of rare books of the Penza regional Lermontov library.

Libraries present Penza citizens with nearly 500 books in week

20.02.17 15:27

Last week Penza city libraries presented residents of the city with nearly 500 books.

85% of cultural objects require renovation and reconstruction in Penza region

20.02.17 13:27

About 85% of cultural objects in the Penza region require renovation and reconstruction. This was reported by the minister of culture and tourism Tatyana Kurdova at the operational meeting that was held in the regional government on Monday, February 20.

Exhibition dedicated to 125th anniversary of picture gallery to be held in Penza library

13.02.17 15:39

Opening of the exhibition dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the Penza Lermontov library and Savitsky picture gallery formation will be held on Wednesday, February 15.

Exhibition glorifying beauty of female body starts in Penza

10.02.17 20:10

53 exhibits were selected for the exhibition "Plasticity of female body", which was opened in the second building of the Penza Savitsky picture gallery – in the governor's house – on Friday, February 10.

Marina Osipova: The project "Local culture centre" is actual now

09.02.17 16:32

The project "Local culture centre", the realization of which will be started by the party "United Russia" in 2017, is really actual now. Such opinion was expressed by the director of the regional Lermontov library, co-chairman of the regional executive committee of the Russian National Front Marina Osipova.

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