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Over 13,000 first formers to go to school in Penza region

13.08.18 18:16

13,254 first formers will go to school in the Penza region in the 2018-2019 school year. This was reported by the press service of the regional Ministry of Education.

New school in Shuist prepared to commissioning

12.08.18 09:08

A new school for 660 pupils, the construction of which started in the Shuist neighbourhood of Penza in August 2017, is being prepared for commissioning.

Teachers of Penza IT college to learn how to deal with drones

04.08.18 12:44

A professional development programme can be organized for teachers of the Penza college of information and industrial technology who teach students majoring in operation of unmanned aircraft systems. This was reported by the deputy chairman of the regional government Oleg Yagov.

Graduation parties held in schools of Penza region

24.06.18 09:28

Graduation parties were held in all schools of the Penza region on Saturday, June 23.

Qualified personnel for IT-specialized school in Shuist in Penza to be selected

19.06.18 19:29

Governor Ivan Belozertsev ordered to get occupied with the selection of qualified personnel for the school under construction in the Shuist neighbourhood in Penza, in which special attention will be paid to the study of computer science.

Programme on creation of places in nurseries for children from two months of age approved in Penza

19.06.18 18:26

A regional programme for creation of additional places in kindergartens for children aged from two months to three years for the period until 2020 was approved by a decree of the Penza region government.

Penza schools to get over 54,000 free record books by September 1

15.05.18 14:15

By September 1 educational institutions of the Penza region will have received 54,200 school record books. This was reported by the press service of the regional Ministry of Education.

Penza governor impressed with new school in Shuist

02.05.18 19:23

Governor Ivan Belozertsev appreciated the unusual planning of the school under construction in the Shuist neighbourhood of Penza during the site visit on Wednesday, May 2.

Governor: Reduction of portions and cost of menu in Penza schools is unacceptable

17.04.18 11:03

It is unacceptable to save on food in schools of the Penza region. This opinion was expressed by governor Ivan Belozertsev commenting on the results of the monitoring during which violations such as the reduction of portions and the use of products cheaper than those stated ...

Almost 90% of Penza eleventh-grade pupils show good knowledge of English

07.04.18 16:29

88.8% of eleventh-grade pupils of Penza region schools coped with the all-Russian test work in English and received the results "good" and "excellent".

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