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Communal Services

Penza region requests over 194 million roubles for resettlement of emergency housing

02.06.20 14:20

Penza region submitted an application to the Housing and Utility Reform Foundation for more than 194 million roubles from the state corporation for the implementation of the programme for the resettlement of citizens from emergency housing, recognized as such until January ...

Overhaul of 10 artesian wells planned in 2020 in Penza region

08.05.20 13:11

Ten artesian wells are planned to be overhauled in Penza region in 2020. This was reported by head of the Penza region Communal Affairs and Civil Security Department Mikhail Panyukhin.

In Penza 2,000 young trees to be planted in spring

18.02.20 09:59

Municipal unitary enterprise Zelenoe Khozyaystvo Goroda Penzy has prepared 2,000 tree seedlings for planting in spring 2020. This was reported by vice mayor Denis Leontiev.

Penza region outlines plans to modernize street lighting

20.01.20 18:29

2,500 lamp posts are planned to be installed in Penza region in 2020 as part of a programme aimed at modernizing street lighting. This was reported by the press service of the regional government.

City hall: About 80 pieces of equipment removed snow in Penza at night

04.12.19 10:03

76 pieces of equipment of municipal unitary enterprise Penzadormost were used during snow removal on Wednesday night, December 4. This was reported by the press service of the city administration.

Penzadormost gets about 70 units of equipment involved in combating effects of snowfall

01.12.19 13:31

66 units of equipment and 64 specialists of the municipal unitary enterprise Penzadormost were involved in combating consequences of the snowfall on Sunday, December 1. This was reported by the press service of the city administration.

Section of heating line replaced in Penza at point where car falls into pit with hot water

20.11.19 15:41

A 500 mm diameter section of a heating main was replaced in Austrina Street in Penza, where the day before a car had fallen into a pit with hot water resulting in the death of two people. This was announced by deputy chairman of the Penza region government Dmitry Semenov.

Mayor of Penza calls residents' claims about garbage in yards fair

06.11.19 12:32

Andrei Luzgin, head of the Penza administration, called the claims of residents concerning garbage scattered near residential buildings and poor maintenance of yard territories fair.

Additional works on improvement to be carried out in 15 yards in Penza

19.10.19 12:30

The improvement works, which were not originally planned for 2019, will be carried out in 15 yards of Penza at the expense of savings from an auction. This was announced by head of the Housing and Communal Services Department of Penza, Alexander Utin.

Heating received by 97% of Penza apartment buildings

28.09.19 09:10

Heating was supplied to 2,983 apartment buildings in Penza, which is almost 97% of the total number.

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