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Penza utilities fined 1.5 million roubles for poor quality water

22.03.19 13:02

176 fines in the amount of more than 1.5 million roubles were imposed in the Penza region in 2018 in connection with violations in the field of drinking water supply. This was stated in a message spread by the press service of the regional department of the Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer Rights Protection and Human ...

Yuri Ilyin urges rational approach to removal of snow from Penza streets

20.03.19 16:36

Deputy head of the Penza administration Yuri Ilyin urged not to pursue large volume of snow removal but to carry out work where it is really required.

Penzadormost removes almost 430,000 cubic metres of snow from Penza streets

14.03.19 16:15

Municipal unitary enterprise Penzadormost removed 427,000 cubic metres of snow from Penza streets in winter 2018-2019. This was reported by director of the enterprise Yuri Parastaev.

Victor Kuvaytsev urges to eliminate causes of flooding in Penza

13.03.19 13:14

Head of the Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev urged responsible persons to find out the causes of local flooding and to coordinate work on their elimination.

Penza mayor draws attention to issue of access to container yards

26.02.19 15:06

Head of the Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev drew attention to the issue of access to container yards at a meeting held in the city hall on Tuesday, February 26.

35 yards to be improved in Penza

25.02.19 13:11

A list of 35 yard territories subject to comprehensive improvement in the framework of the priority project Formation of Comfortable Urban Environment was prepared in Penza on the basis of proposals submitted by citizens. This was reported by mayor Victor Kuvaytsev at a meeting in the regional government on Monday, February 25.

Mayor: The launch of a water deferrization station allowed improving the quality of water in Kuznetsk

19.02.19 11:29

Improvement of water quality has been observed in Kuznetsk of the Penza region after the launch of a water deferrization station. This was announced by mayor Sergey Zlatogorsky.

Additional forces to be attracted to cleaning sidewalks in Penza

15.02.19 15:28

Penza mayor Victor Kuvaytsev instructed his deputies Yuri Ilyin and Denis Leontiev to work out the issue of attracting additional workforce for cleaning sidewalks, the state of which causes complaints among residents.

Penza mayor demands that sidewalks cleaned

07.02.19 14:15

Head of the Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev demanded that municipal unitary enterprise Penzadormost should promptly clean sidewalks after the snowfall that struck the city in the first half of Thursday, February 7.

In Penza owner of apartment to be obliged to bring down giant icicle from balcony visor

03.02.19 15:10

The owner of the apartment on the fifth floor of house No. 40 in Karpinskogo Street in Penza will be obliged to bring down a giant icicle from the balcony visor.

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