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Communal Services

Penzadormost receives first batch of equipment purchased on lease

28.12.18 16:27

The first batch of specialized equipment purchased for municipal unitary enterprise Penzadormost at the expense of the city budget, was delivered to the enterprise.

Almost 240 lamp posts installed in Penza village of ZIF

20.12.18 13:52

238 new lamp posts were installed in the village of ZIF located near Penza.

Over 30 vehicles to remove waste in Penza starting January 1

17.12.18 17:32

Over 20 vehicles will remove waste in Penza daily starting January 1, 2019. This was said by general director of LLC Improvement and Cleaning Administration Andrei Arkhipov.

Over 6 billion roubles spent on road repair in Penza region

28.11.18 14:20

6,132 million roubles have been spent on road repair in the Penza region since the beginning of 2018. This was stated by governor Ivan Belozertsev at the direct line on Wednesday, November 28.

33 companies to be involved in maintenance of roads of regional and inter-municipal importance

21.11.18 08:19

33 contractors will be involved in the maintenance of roads of regional and inter-municipal importance in the Penza region in the winter.

Waste landfill near Chemodanovka village 94% full

19.11.18 18:03

The only solid waste landfill in Penza located near the village of Chemodanovka is 94% full. This was reported by the press service of the City Hall.

Penza mayor examines house restored after gas explosion

18.11.18 12:34

Head of the Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev gave a positive appraisal to completed works on restoration of apartment house №27 in Krupskoy street after a gas explosion in June.

Owners of premises at "Red Lines" to be informed about fines for damage of tiles in Penza

12.11.18 09:50

The companies working in the Penza region responsible for the maintenance of the adjacent territories that are covered with tiles must be notified of penalties for their damage when clearing of snow and ice in the winter period. The corresponding order was given by governor ...

MAG Group Penza intends to build waste processing complex in Penza

09.11.18 15:29

The concession agreement according to which LLC MAG Group Penza takes on an obligation to develop and operate a system of municipal infrastructure was signed in the Department of Civil Defence and Emergency Affairs of the Penza region. 

Gorvodokanal: Water supply to the last facility was restored after an incident in Penza

22.10.18 15:00

Cold water supply to the Sursky market, which had remained the last cut off facility after an incident at networks, was restored. This was reported by the press service of LLC Gorvodokanal.

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