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Communal Services

Mayor: Landscaping works in Penza will not be paid for until all defects are eliminated

14.09.18 11:55

Payment for landscaping and improvement works in the framework of various programmes including Formation of Modern Urban Environment as well as execution of voters' orders and grant support will not be made in Penza until contractors eliminate all the flaws. This was ...

Penza mayor sees no workers at site of heating system repair in Chkalova street

26.08.18 09:26

Head of the Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev, who on August 26 visited the site of the major overhaul of a heating system in Chkalova street, due to which over 20 blocks of flats have no hot water supply, saw no workers there.

Possibility of restructuring utility companies to be considered in Penza

23.07.18 12:55

The head of the Penza administration, Victor Kuvaytsev, ordered his deputy Andrei Shevchenko to submit proposals on restructuring enterprises of housing and communal services involved in cleaning the city by the end of June.

Penza mayor: Pedestrian connections must be complete

21.07.18 13:12

Head of the Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev is convinced that the works on repair of sidewalks must be implemented comprehensively so that minor shortcomings do not spoil the impression of the residents and guests of the city.

Rubbish from Sura riverbed removed during community workday in Penza

21.07.18 12:38

Utilities, workers of the administration of the Leninsky district of Penza, city departments and subordinate agencies conducted a Saturday community workday removing rubbish from the Sura riverbed near the monument Rostok on July 21.

Penza mayor urges his subordinates to be more proactive in issues of improvement

14.07.18 17:45

Head of the Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev urged his subordinates to display more initiative in the matters of city improvement.

First persons of Penza participate in city community day

02.06.18 14:05

Penza head Valery Savelyev and mayor Victor Kuvaytsev together with their colleagues joined the city community day held on June 2.

50 containers for plastic collection to be installed in Penza by end of May

17.05.18 13:40

The group of companies Penzavtorsyrye purchased 50 containers for plastic collection, which will be installed in the territory of Penza in May. This is reported by the press service of the city administration.

T Plus plans to increase investments in heating systems of Penza

16.05.18 17:40

The T Plus company intends to gradually increase investments in the replacement of heating systems in Penza in the framework of its own investment program. This was stated by the holding chairman, Denis Pasler, at the online press conference, which was attended by representatives of organization departments of 16 regions including ...

Residents of Glazunova street sound alarm over dangerous pit near playground

04.05.18 17:42

Residents of house No. 1 in Glazunova street are indignant over the inaction of representatives of the utilities, responsible officials and employees of supervisory bodies, which do not take adequate measures in connection with a dangerous traffic situation that occurred in ...

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