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Participants of IT laboratory present their developments in Penza

11.08.17 20:55

On Friday, August 11, participants of the educational project IT Laboratory, which started in Penza in the beginning of July, presented seven services and application, which already have prototypes in the business incubator "Tatlin".

Penza mayor’s office plans to switch to domestic Internet services

18.07.17 11:50

The head of the Penza administration signed a decree that approves switching of the mayor’s office and its subordinate organizations to using products and services provided by the Internet resources of domestic companies.

Penza governor criticizes work on popularization of electronic state services

10.07.17 15:16

The governor Ivan Belozertsev severely criticized the work of the first deputy chairman of the Penza regional government Andrey Kulintsev and the head of the information technology and communications department of the region Alexei Kostin on popularization of receiving state ...

Lev Dyatlov: Elimination of digital inequality in Penza villages proceeds according to the schedule

06.07.17 14:26

Implementation of the federal project "Elimination of digital inequality" is carried out in the Penza region according to the established schedule. This was reported by the director of the Penza branch of the PJSC "Rostelecom" Lev Dyatlov.

Penza governor anxious that operators do not pay taxes to regional budget

06.07.17 12:27

The governor Ivan Belozertsev is anxious that mobile communications operators that work in the territory of the Penza region do not pay taxes to the regional budget.

Andrei Kulintsev: About 850,000 Penza residents have access to 4G connection

06.07.17 12:04

About 850,000 residents of the Penza region potentially have access to a 4G mobile communications format. This was reported by the first deputy chairman of the Penza regional government Andrey Kulintsev.

D-Link to consider placing its production at Penza enterprises

06.07.17 11:37

Placing an order for production of certified telecommunications equipment at enterprises of the Penza region became one of the main topics for discussion at a working meeting between Ivan Belozertsev and the general director of the company "D-Link Russia" Vladimir Lipping, which was held in the regional government on Thursday, July 6.

MegaFon announces readiness to increase speed of 4G Internet five-fold

21.06.17 17:14

The MegaFon network, including the one in the Penza region, is ready for introduction of the technology "Massive MIMO", which will allow increasing the speed of mobile Internet-access to more than 800 Mbit/s. This was reported by the press service of the Penza regional ...

20 best ideas for IT-laboratory projects selected in Penza

16.06.17 12:44

20 best ideas that lay claim to be implemented within the framework of the IT-laboratory, which will be conducted from July 3 to August 11, were selected at the meeting aimed at ideas generation and held at the premises of the intellectual park "Akademia" in Penza on June 15.

Internet connection and video surveillance set up in Penza "House of Veronika"

07.06.17 16:23

Works on installation of telecommunications infrastructure in the boarding school for young people with physical disabilities "House of Veronika", which is planned to be opened in Penza in June, entered into an active phase.

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