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Rostelecom to present WWII veterans free phone calls to speak with brothers-in-arms

29.04.16 10:27

The Russian service provider Rostelecom presents veterans and former servicemen of the Second World War, including in the Penza region, an opportunity to call their brothers-in-arms, friends and relatives in Russian cities and countries of the near abroad entirely free of ...

Yota service provider decreases offer prices in Penza region

27.04.16 09:58

Yota, a federal mobile telecom service provider, has decreased the prices of its smartphone offer by an average of 35% in 71 Russian regions, including the Penza region, with some local offers reaching a discount of 70%, the company’s press service informed PenzaNews.

Bank Kuznetsky sponsors “Secon” conference

25.04.16 12:55

Bank Kuznetsky became the main sponsor of the 8th interregional software developers conference “Secon” that had been held at the Lermontov Penza region library.

Penza “Secon” conference outlines solutions for IT manpower shortage

22.04.16 18:05

The shortage of manpower became the main topic of the roundtable discussion “IT Education: New Forms For New Content” during the 8th interregional software developers conference “Secon” held at the Lermontov Penza regional library on Friday, April 22.

Oleg Bartunov: Open source provides big opportunity for IT professional to realize himself

22.04.16 16:33

Open source software provides an IT professional a great opportunity to realize himself, said the general director of Postgres Professional Oleg Bartunov in his speech at the 8th interregional software developers conference “Secon” held in Penza on Friday, April 22.

Penza IT conference “Secon” brings together over 700 experts

22.04.16 11:07

More than 700 software developers are taking part in the 8th interregional IT conference “Secon” that went underway at the Lermontov Penza regional library in the morning of Friday, April 22.

Mikhail Lyashkov: Penza IT companies demonstrate easy-to-see success

19.04.16 15:06

The demands for the products by Penza IT companies on Russian and international markets signify active development of the field in the region, suggested Mikhail Lyashkov, general director of the Center of Cluster Development.

Zarya residential area move-ins to enjoy Rostelecom services

19.04.16 12:18

The residents of new apartment buildings in the Zarya residential area under the dilapidated housing replacement program can now enjoy the services provided by Rostelecom.

Penza school students to take part in Russian-wide “Robofest”

28.03.16 15:01

A group of school students from Penza will take part in the 8th Russia-wide robotics festival “Robofest-2016” that will take place in Moscow on April 12-15.

Penza holds kart racing campaign under “On Your Marks With Rostelecom!” campaign

28.03.16 12:35

The Penza kart racing club “Shikana” holds a racing competition under the federal campaign “On Your Marks With Rostelecom!”

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