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40 doctors to be trained in Penza region to fight cancer

25.03.19 14:10

40 doctors are planned to be trained within the next six years to fight cancer in the Penza region. This was reported by minister of health of the region Vladimir Stryuchkov.

Helicopter pad for air medical service to be built in Penza region at expense of federal budget

25.03.19 13:12

A helicopter pad for air medical service will be built in the Penza region at the expense of the federal budget. This was reported by minister of health of the region Vladimir Styuchkov.

In Penza 13-year-old girl hospitalized with anorexia

22.03.19 09:30

A 13-year-old girl was hospitalized to Filatov Penza Regional Children's Hospital with anorexia.

"People's doctor" to be chosen in Bashmakovo

15.03.19 17:43

Competition "People's doctor" organized on the eve of the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the hospital in Bashmakovo of the Penza region will be held from March 20 to June 1.

Programme to provide housing for workers of health care service adopted in Penza region

07.03.19 18:02

The government of the Penza region adopted a programme to provide housing for medical workers of public health institutions operating in the region.

Billions of roubles to be invested in Penza health care service

05.03.19 12:10

Over 9.5 billion roubles will be allocated for the implementation of the national project "Health Care Service" in the Penza region over three years, including about 2.7 billion roubles in 2019. This was reported by governor Ivan Belozertsev.

Two cases of drug abuse revealed during professional examination of students in Penza

02.03.19 09:55

Two cases of drug abuse were revealed as a result of preventive examination of students of secondary special educational institutions in Penza. This was reported by the press service of the regional Ministry of Health.

Hundreds of Penza residents come to palace of sports to see doctors

27.02.19 18:22

Hundreds of Penza residents took part in the campaign "Protect yourself – save your life!", held at the palace of sports Burtasy on Wednesday, February 27, in the framework of the month for the prevention of cancer.

Number of flu cases increase to 66 in Penza region

26.02.19 10:43

66 cases of influenza have been registered in the Penza region over the whole epidemiological season of 2018-2019, which is 27 more than a week earlier.

Penza region becomes leader of rating in register of patients with diabetes

19.02.19 08:10

The Penza region became the leader of the final rating of regions in the federal register of patients with diabetes by the end of 2018.

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