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Ivan Belozertsev suggests sending patients without pathologies to Penza perinatal centre

05.02.18 09:49

Governor Ivan Belozertsev suggested that in case there are available places, pregnant women without registered pathologies should be sent to the Penza perinatal centre.

Second mobile patronage team of palliative care created in Penza

03.02.18 09:25

Work of the second mobile patronage team of palliative care established at the premises of the State Budgetary Healthcare Institution "City Hospital" was organized in Penza.

Presidential plenipotentiary envoy assesses facilities of new perinatal centre in Penza

01.02.18 13:57

The presidential plenipotentiary envoy in the Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich assessed facilities of the new perinatal centre in Penza during a business trip to the city on Thursday, February 1.

Activist distributes hundreds of leaflets about average salary of doctors near hospital in Penza

23.01.18 12:52

Victor Khomets, coordinator of the regional movement Left Front, distributed several hundred of leaflets with official information about salaries of doctors and nurses in the Penza region near the gates of the Burdenko Penza regional hospital on Tuesday, January 23, in the ...

Old computer tomographs to be changed in Penza region

22.01.18 13:57

Computer tomographs that have operated in medical institutions of the Penza region for a long time are planned to be changed. This was reported by the deputy minister of health Oksana Chizhova.

Vehicles purchased for paediatricians transferred to hospitals of Penza region

18.01.18 12:06

Fourteen Lada Largus cars purchased for district paediatricians became available to hospitals of the Penza region.

Penza hospitals receive 11 respiratory medical devices

17.01.18 16:18

Eleven respiratory medical devices were received by hospitals of the Penza region. This was reported by the regional Ministry of Health.

In Penza medical exercises dispensary receives equipment worth 11 million roubles over year

16.01.18 18:27

In 2017, the Penza regional medical exercises dispensary received equipment worth 10,800,000 roubles.

High-precision mammographs received by Penza clinics

12.01.18 10:05

Digital mammography X-ray equipment was received by clinics No. 14 and 3 of Penza.

Infant mortality in Penza region amounts to 3.7 cases per 1,000 born children

28.12.17 17:45

The infant mortality rate in the Penza region in 10 months of the year 2017 amounted to 3.7 per 1,000 born children, which is almost half as much as the average Russian level. This was reported by the head of the regional Ministry of Health Vladimir Stryuchkov at the meeting ...

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