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Penza governor indignant at low salaries of postal workers

10.05.18 15:32

Governor Ivan Belozertsev expressed indignation about low salaries of postal workers after a specialist of the new format office in Kulakova street in Penza said that hew salary was about 11,000 roubles and that in hand she received only a little bit more inclusive of all bonuses.

Sergei Padalkin calls Ivan Belozertsev weak governor

02.05.18 17:25

Coordinator of the Left Front in the Volga Federal District Sergei Padalkin called head of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev a weak governor.

Penza governor suggests that young musicians play in shops

23.04.18 10:04

Penza shopping centres may become a kind of concert venues for young musicians, who have yet to gain the love of audience. Such an opinion was expressed by governor Ivan Belozertsev.

Belozertsev not to let Serebryakov occupy senior posts in medicine in future

19.04.18 08:50

The former head doctor of the Penza regional oncology dispensary, Vitaly Serebryakov, who lost his job after the institution of a criminal proceeding about receiving a bribe in the amount of over 1 million roubles, will never occupy senior posts in health care institutions ...

Governor: Reduction of portions and cost of menu in Penza schools is unacceptable

17.04.18 11:03

It is unacceptable to save on food in schools of the Penza region. This opinion was expressed by governor Ivan Belozertsev commenting on the results of the monitoring during which violations such as the reduction of portions and the use of products cheaper than those stated ...

Vice mayor: There are fewer potholes on Penza roads than in spring 2017

25.03.18 09:35

The works performed in Penza last season within the priority project Safe Roads of High Quality allowed keeping city roads in a more satisfactory condition than in 2017. This was reported by vice mayor Yuri Ilyin.

Mayor: By the end of the year 53% of Penza roads must comply with standards

20.03.18 14:39

As a result of repair and reconstruction more than a half of Penza roads must comply with regulatory requirements by the end of 2018. Such a task was set by mayor Victor Kuvaytsev.

Penza governor sees no result of birth rate stimulation measures

05.03.18 10:33

The measures for the stimulation of birth rate taken in the Penza region do not give a visible stable result. Such an opinion was expressed by the governor Ivan Belozertsev.

Former State Duma deputy thinks what children eat in Penza hospital cannot be called food

03.03.18 10:25

The former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, vice-rector of Penza State University on employment and work with alumni Victor Simagin, who in 2015 had been Ivan Belozertsev's contender at the elections ...

Vladimir Edalov suggests supplying Penza vegetables to hospitals and schools

28.02.18 16:38

The head of the Sosnovoborsk area administration Vladimir Edalov turned to the governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev with the request to assist in organizing the supply of local vegetables to medical and educational institutions.

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