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Ekaterina Bogdanova: Amateurs in cosmetology undermine confidence in this area of medicine

26.07.17 16:04

Amateurs who provide cosmetic services without required education undermine confidence in this area of medicine. Such opinion was expressed by Ekaterina Bogdanova, cosmetologist, representative of the Penza regional public organization "Association of cosmetologists".

Andrei Sidorenko: In each game “Diesel” will strive to win

12.07.17 17:19

The Penza “Diesel” hockey club will strive to win in each game. This was stated by the head coach Andrei Sidorenko.

Andrei Sidorenko: Penza changed for the better

12.07.17 16:15

The head coach of the “Diesel” hockey club Andrei Sidorenko, who previously headed the team in 2009-2010 and 2013-2015, believes that over the past two years Penza changed for the better.

Villory Strukov: Production of domestic drugs is a matter of health of the nation

22.06.17 19:41

The state should increase its support for domestic drug producers because import substitution in medcine is a matter of health of the nation. Such opinion was expressed by M.D. prof. Villory Strukov, head of the Pediatrics and Neonatology Department of Penza institute of ...

Poet Margarita Al inspired by Penza public gardens

17.06.17 11:54

The poet, the editor of the All-Russian magazine "LiFFt" Margarita Al was inspired by Penza thematic public gardens, which she visited during a personal trip conducted for her by the head of the city’s Culture Department Vera Feigina.

Svetlana Kalinina criticizes approach to implementation of improvement projects in Penza

09.06.17 18:02

The member of the central headquarters of the All-Russia's People's Front, the expert of the working group of the APF "Quality of daily life" Svetlana Kalinina criticized work of responsible persons who had to help Penza residents to prepare applications for yard improvement ...

Nutritionist: Healthy eating rules can be mastered by everyone

07.06.17 17:00

Each person who understands the importance of taking care about the body is able to master rules of healthy eating. Such opinion was expressed by the nutritionist of the Burdenko Penza regional hospital – the chief out-of-staff nutritionist of the regional Ministry of Health Dina Tuisheva.

Mayor: Culture of behaviour on city holidays began to form in Penza

31.05.17 13:30

A tendency towards formation of culture of behaviour on city holidays has begun to form in Penza lately. Such opinion was expressed by the mayor Victor Kuvaytsev.

Political scientist: Belozertsev will not take an active part in the elections to the regional parliament

30.05.17 15:34

The famous Penza journalist, editor-in-chief of the socio-political newspaper “Ulitsa Moskovskaya”, political scientist Valentin Manuylov thinks that the governor Ivan Belozertsev who, as it was reported before referring to a source in the regional government ...

Andrei Gaykalov: Yandex.Taxi may lead to cost reduction in all services in Penza

24.05.17 14:02

The launch of the service Yandex.Taxi in Penza may lead to reduction of transportation costs in all services. Such opinion was expressed by the chairman of the union of professional drivers of Penza Andrei Gaykalov.

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