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Governor: Inmates of children's homes should live in Penza families

24.01.17 15:26

The governor Ivan Belozertsev thinks that representatives of relevant departments should do their best so that children from Penza orphanages remain in local families rather than move to other regions.

Evgeny Troshin: Employers should understand that people are not the source of profit

13.01.17 17:27

Employers should not place profit and their business interests above health of their workers. Such opinion was expressed by the head of the regional Ministry of Labour Evgeni Troshin during the discussion of the case in which managers force sick employees to work.

Mikhail Lisin: Shady business has no future

13.01.17 17:06

The chairman of the Penza regional branch of the Russian public organization "Business Russia" Mikhail Lisin thinks that shady business, which in most cases does not presuppose legal employment, has no future.

In Penza governor suggests punishing people for going to work being ill

09.01.17 10:03

The governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev suggested punishing the workers who go to work being ill.

Sergei Filippov: Russian men’s acting school is appreciated on a world-wide basis

20.12.16 12:08

The Russian men’s acting school is appreciated on a world-wide basis. Such opinion was expressed by the film expert, the researcher of the State Institute for Art Studies, the teacher of the faculty of journalism of Moscow State University Sergei Filippov at the ...

Penza governor asks to resist religious extremism

05.12.16 17:45

The Muslim clergy should play greater role in the resistance to religious extremism in the Penza region. Such opinion was expressed by the governor Ivan Belozertsev.

Andrei Zuev claims that he felt like political prisoner while staying in isolation ward

30.11.16 17:04

The law-enforcement authorities exculpated Andrei Zuev, ex-deputy of the Penza region Legislative Assembly of the Penza region for the CPRF faction, a year after they opened a criminal case on racketeering against him. Andrei Zuev said that when he was in isolation ward he ...

Penza mayor hopes that reconsideration of land sales terms will help to increase budget revenues

17.11.16 14:45

The decision taken by the governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev to set special sales terms for land that belongs to governmental or municipal services, during December, 2016 – May, 2017, will let municipal government increase budget revenues. This opinion was ...

Yagov: Penza residents do not work in industry, construction and agriculture because of low salaries

16.11.16 13:25

Most of vacancies in industry, agriculture and construction remain unclaimed because of low salaries in the Penza region. Such opinion was expressed by the chief of the regional government Oleg Yagov during the office meeting on the implementation of the best practices of ...

Oleynik touched by interview with Krivov in “Penzenskaya pravda”

12.11.16 12:50

The assistant chief medical officer at the Penza dedicated clinical medical assistance centre, an expert in the field of HIV/AIDS fight Sergei Oleynik shared his impressions about the interview with the assistant governor – the head of the Sevastopol government Yuri Krivov, published in the “Penzenskaya pravda” ...

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