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Police comes to Navalny headquarters in Penza

20:52 | 17.01.2018 | Politics


Penza, 17 January 2018. PenzaNews. Law enforcement authorities came to the Penza headquarters of the opposition activist Navalny: they confiscated equipment, badges, and leaflets about protests of voters. This was written on Facebook by the regional coordinator of the movements Open Russia and Spring Olga Zhulimova.

Police comes to Navalny headquarters in Penza

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"Everyone who was present in the headquarters were forced to give explanations. I have just come and they want me to explain "why I am at the headquarters". [...] I will state that I brought biscuits from the State Department," she wrote supplementing her post on the social network with two photographs.

One of them depicts Olga Zhulimova trying to pose against the background of a police officer who was standing with his back to her, the other – a box of imported biscuits and several law enforcement officers looking in the direction of the snapshot author.

It was not reported what caused the police to come to the Navalny headquarters in Penza. No information has yet been received on the detention of activists.

At the end of December 2017, the opposition activist Alexei Navalny announced the start of preparations for the all-Russian rally "Strike of voters", which is planned to be held on January 28.

In mid-January it became known that the Ministry of Justice of Russia filed a lawsuit in court to liquidate the foundation "The Fifth Season of the Year", which provides for the work of the activist's headquarters. According to Alexei Navalny, payments including those connected with the upcoming campaign were made through this legal person.

On January 17, he said that the headquarters in the regions continued to work "despite the increasing pressure".

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