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Surveillance camera captures police visit to Navalny headquarters in Penza

15:19 | 18.01.2018 | Politics


Penza, 18 January 2018. PenzaNews. A surveillance camera captured first one and a half minutes of the police officers' visit to the headquarters of opposition activist Alexei Navalny in Penza. As it was reported before, recently the police had confiscated from there badges, stickers, leaflets about protests of voters, and equipment including CCTV cameras and even computer mice.

Surveillance camera captures police visit to Navalny headquarters in Penza

Photo: Vk.com/teamnavalny_pnz

Judging by the caption, the police appeared on the threshold of the oppositionist's office on Wednesday, January 17, at 18:06:50. A total of six people slowly entered the room: three workers of the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, two women – most likely witnesses and a man in civilian clothes.

The latter immediately pulled out an adhesive tape from his bag intending to tape CCTV cameras installed in the room but failed to do so quickly.

The man needed almost a minute to find the beginning of the tape and to tear off a small piece of it and during this time he remained visually calm.

First, the man with the adhesive tape plastered the camera near the front door, then on noticing another camera he approached it and also taped the lens with the adhesive material.

The video is then interrupted.

Some users of social networks already made jokes that firstly the man also needed time to find the adhesive tape and also suggested that even though he looked seemingly calm the main character was still nervous about the fact that he could not cope with such an elementary task.

As PenzaNews reported before, on Wednesday, January 17, police officers arrested Anton Strunin, coordinator of the Navalny's headquarters in Penza, when he was distributing leaflets about strikes of voters on the street.

Two administrative protocols were drawn up against him: under Art. 5.10 of the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation "Waging an election campaign or a referendum campaign not within the time period intended for it and in places where it is prohibited by the laws on elections and referendums" and under Art. 5.12 "Production, distribution or placement of agitation materials in breach of provisions of the legislation on elections and referendums".

Leaflets, badges and computer equipment were confiscated from the headquarters raided by law enforcement authorities on the same day.

Later it became known about a night arrest of Olga Zhulimova, coordinator of the movements Open Russia and Vesna in Penza. In the car by which she was going home as a passenger there was discovered a sticker in a StopHam style reading "I do not care at all, I am elected the way I want".

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