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Penza pays tribute to victims of political repressions

14:20 | 30.10.2017 | Society


Penza, 30 October 2017. PenzaNews. Several dozens of Penza residents lit candles and laid flowers to the monument "Repentance" in Moskovskaya street on the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions, which is celebrated annually on October 30.

Penza pays tribute to victims of political repressions

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Some of the people shared their personal stories. In particular, Maria Goleneva spoke about the way of life her family had to lead after the deportation and hardships of the Soviet era.

Tatyana Alfertyeva, chairman of the regional branch for the Russian civil rights society Memorial and one of the perennial organizers of the event, Pavel Maslov, the head of the Penza region internal policy department, and Vladimir Pervushkin, doctor of historical sciences, professor of Penza State University, were among those who turned to people present.

According to Tatyana Alfertyeva, the commemorative date provides an opportunity to people affected by political repressions of the 20th century to remember their family history and to share it with the younger generation so that they learn more about those days.

She regretted, however, that year by year there remained fewer people who had been repressed and who could speak about that time.

In turn, Olga Zhulimova, coordinator of the regional department of the movement Open Russia, expressed the opinion that only few representatives of the youth had the idea of the events associated with this date.

According to her, this was the reason why the foundations Open Russia, Memorial and Last Address were implementing a project aimed at installation of tables with names of people who had been repressed and then rehabilitated.

"We are now at the negotiating stage: with owners if it is a private house and all residents if it is a block of flats. It's not fast in itself," she explained.

Olga Zhulimova did not exclude that the project could be extended to areas of the Penza region in the future.

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