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Area of thermoplastic marking in Penza roads to be enlarged by over 50%

20.04.18 15:53

The area of thermoplastic road marking will be increased in Penza by 51.1% in 2018 compared to 2017. This was reported by the acting director of the city housing and communal services department, Denis Leontyev.

Water spouts from under asphalt in Penza

20.04.18 14:45

A fountain of hot water spouted from under asphalt in Kalinina street in Penza – near the shop Yuzhny – on Friday afternoon, April 20.

Penza residents invited to zoo to listen to peacocks

20.04.18 13:21

Workers of the Penza zoo invited residents and guests of the city to admire the peacocks placed in summer enclosures and to listen to their singing.

Sochi head suggests promoting programme Open South in Penza more actively

20.04.18 11:57

Sochi head Anatoly Pakhomov suggested that the programme Open South, in which workers may undergo medical treatment in an offseason at a reduced price, should be promoted in Penza more actively.

Another criminal case opened against Vitaly Serebryakov

19.04.18 15:45

Another criminal case for an offence under Item "c", Part 5, Art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Bribe-taking" was instituted against the former head doctor of the Penza oncology dispensary, Vitaly Serebryakov, in interaction of the staff of the regional departments of the Investigative Committee of Russia and ...

Former head doctor of Penza oncology dispensary taken into custody

19.04.18 14:52

The Pervomaisky district court of Penza selected a measure of restraint in the form of custody against the former head doctor of the regional oncology dispensary, Vitaly Serebryakov, on Thursday, April 19. This was reported by the press service of the court, Sergei Maslov.

Belozertsev not to let Serebryakov occupy senior posts in medicine in future

19.04.18 08:50

The former head doctor of the Penza regional oncology dispensary, Vitaly Serebryakov, who lost his job after the institution of a criminal proceeding about receiving a bribe in the amount of over 1 million roubles, will never occupy senior posts in health care institutions ...

Fact of acid leakage in territory of former ZIF plant in Penza becomes known

18.04.18 15:17

Workers of the Penza fire and rescue centre eliminated acid leakage in the territory of the former ZIF plant.

Third wallpaper printing line launched at Penza Mayakprint

18.04.18 14:15

The third wallpaper printing line produced by the German company Herbert Olbrich GmbH Co. Kg. was launched at the Penza enterprise Mayakprint, which belongs to the holding Mayak, on Wednesday, April 18.

Cottage cheese Mamalysh produced by Molkom delivered to Penza shops

18.04.18 10:02

The dairy plant Penzensky, which is a member of Damate Group, started to produce cottage cheese under the brand Mamalysh for children aged at least 6 months.

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