01:20:36 Sunday, November 18
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Penza airport to be named after Belinsky, Kuprin or Lermontov

12.11.18 13:06

The final voting in the framework of the project "Great names of Russia", which involves the Penza airport, started on Monday, November 12.

Owners of premises at "Red Lines" to be informed about fines for damage of tiles in Penza

12.11.18 09:50

The companies working in the Penza region responsible for the maintenance of the adjacent territories that are covered with tiles must be notified of penalties for their damage when clearing of snow and ice in the winter period. The corresponding order was given by governor ...

Victor Kuvaytsev: Penza route network should be changed in favour of buses

10.11.18 10:16

The route network of Penza should be changed in favour of high-capacity buses and ground electric transport. Such an opinion was expressed by mayor Victor Kuvaytsev at the meeting on transportation service that took place in city administration on Saturday, November 10.

MAG Group Penza intends to build waste processing complex in Penza

09.11.18 15:29

The concession agreement according to which LLC MAG Group Penza takes on an obligation to develop and operate a system of municipal infrastructure was signed in the Department of Civil Defence and Emergency Affairs of the Penza region. 

Gazel gets into ditch in Kuznetsk area; person injured

09.11.18 13:31

According to preliminary data, one person was injured in the road accident involving a Gazel truck that occurred on the highway M5 Ural near the village of Progress of the Kuznetsk area of the Penza region.

Forum Business Territory – Life Territory starts in Penza

08.11.18 10:55

The all-Russian forum Business Territory – Life Territory for entrepreneurs and municipal officials was opened in the Lermontov Penza Regional Library.

100 million roubles to be spent for new fountain in Penza

06.11.18 17:24

100 million roubles are planned to be spent for a new fountain that should become a new decoration of the central part of the city. This was reported by governor Ivan Belozertsev.

Almost 130 kg of pears destroyed at refuse dump near Penza

06.11.18 14:50

129 kg of pears seized at the territory of the wholesale and retail base in Penza were destroyed mechanically at a refuse dump for domestic solid waste near the village Chemodanovka of the Penza region. This was reported by public relations officer of the Rosselkhoznadzor department in Mordovia and the Penza region Larisa Yakushkina.

Penza residents celebrate Unity Day with rally at Yubileynaya square

04.11.18 13:10

About 6,000 people, according to the regional government, took part in the rally in the Yubileynaya square of Penza on the occasion of the National Unity Day.

Record for size of baked round loaf broken in Stavropol

04.11.18 11:51

A round loaf weighing more than 500 kg was displayed in the Lenin square in Stavropol on Sunday, November 4, to break the record set in Penza in 2014.

Lastest headlines
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