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"People's doctor" to be chosen in Bashmakovo

15.03.19 17:43

Competition "People's doctor" organized on the eve of the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the hospital in Bashmakovo of the Penza region will be held from March 20 to June 1.

Dmitry Akimov: Penzensky Armaturny Zavod entered a new stage of development

15.03.19 15:49

Joint Stock Company Penzensky Armaturny Zavod entered a new stage of development having got rid of large debts. This was stated by Dmitry Akimov, CEO of JSC Penzensky Armaturny Zavod, who also heads JSC Penzensky Zavod Tochnykh Priborov, and LLC Penzensky Zavod Telema Gino, ...

Penzadormost removes almost 430,000 cubic metres of snow from Penza streets

14.03.19 16:15

Municipal unitary enterprise Penzadormost removed 427,000 cubic metres of snow from Penza streets in winter 2018-2019. This was reported by director of the enterprise Yuri Parastaev.

Victor Kuvaytsev urges to eliminate causes of flooding in Penza

13.03.19 13:14

Head of the Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev urged responsible persons to find out the causes of local flooding and to coordinate work on their elimination.

In Penza block of ice demolishes balcony rail

11.03.19 13:07

A block of ice that fell from the roof of brick building № 29 in Stavsky street in Penza demolished the balcony rail of an apartment located on the 5th floor of the second entrance.

Decline in fertility registered in Penza region in 2018

09.03.19 13:50

11,458 babies were born in the Penza region in 2018, whereas in 2017 there were 464 newborns more – 11,922. This was evidenced by data of Penzastat.

Aliya Mustafina wins bronze at Russian championship in Penza

08.03.19 13:27

Two-time Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina, who represents Moscow and the Penza region, occupied the third place in the all-round at the Russian Artistic Gymnastics Championship, which is taking place in the palace of sports Burtasy.

Penza student claims to be included in Russian national World Skills team

08.03.19 11:54

Kirill Revnivtsev, fourth-year student of the faculty of instrument engineering, information technology and electronics of Penza State University, participated in the official selection for Russian national team in the international competence of World Skills International ...

Programme to provide housing for workers of health care service adopted in Penza region

07.03.19 18:02

The government of the Penza region adopted a programme to provide housing for medical workers of public health institutions operating in the region.

Two Penza entrepreneurs receive Business Success award

07.03.19 13:11

Two representatives of the Penza region – president of the regional Federation of Bullet and Shotgun Shooting Vyacheslav Aksyonov and co-founder of confectionery factory Vanyushkiny Sladosti Nikolay Kuzyakov – received prizes of the 8th annual national award Business Success held in Moscow.

Lastest headlines
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