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Number of contracts for supply of Penza products on Internet reaches 460

19.09.18 15:56

By the beginning of August 2018, the number of contracts concluded by trade networks and associations of shops with local producers for the supply of products had reached 460. This was reported by governor Ivan Belozertsev.

Bust of explorer of Russian America Lavrenty Zagoskin installed in Penza

18.09.18 13:56

A bronze bust of naval officer, explorer of Alaska, the Aleutian Islands and Northern California Lavrenty Zagoskin was installed in the territory of the House of Folk Art in Penza.

Cause of fire on veranda of Ochakovo restaurant being found out in Penza

14.09.18 19:29

Specialists of the Fire Safety Supervising Agency are finding out causes and circumstances of the fire that occurred on the summer terrace of the restaurant Ochakovo located in the centre of Penza – in Moskovskaya street near Fontannaya square.

Demonstration drone flights held for students of Penza IT College

14.09.18 14:45

Demonstration launches of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) organized for students of the first year of Penza College of Information and Industrial Technologies were held near Bogoslovka village on Friday, September 14.

Organizer of march against pension reform arrested and fined in Penza

13.09.18 17:57

Anton Strunin, a supporter of opposition activist Alexei Navalny, who organized the street march against the pension reform held on September 9 , was arrested for 10 days and fined 18,000 roubles.

Governor: Penza developers have learned to create a comfortable environment

12.09.18 13:06

Penza developers have learned to create a comfortable environment near constructed facilities. Such an opinion was expressed by governor Ivan Belozertsev during a visit to the residential complex Olimp at Zapadnaya Polyana, which is constructed by Risan Group.

Demolition of unauthorized construction in Suvorova street in Penza starts

11.09.18 13:05

The demolition of an illegally constructed building in Suvorova street started in Penza.

In 2019 Penza deputies to get 5,000 roubles

11.09.18 11:18

The size of the compensatory payment connected with compensation of expenses on exercise of powers of members of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region of the sixth convocation has been proposed to be set in the amount of 5,000 roubles for 2019. The draft resolution was published on the website of the regional parliament.

Unauthorized march against pension reform held in Penza without arrests

09.09.18 15:42

The march against the pension reform that was organized by supporters of opposition activist Alexei Navalny and was not endorsed by the city authorities was held in Penza peacefully without arrests.

Laying of granite tiles starts in Lenina square in Penza

07.09.18 13:38

Workers started to lay granite tiles in V.I. Lenina square in Penza, which had been closed for major reconstruction.

Lastest headlines
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