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Alexander Tuzov claims that he lives at expense of his wife

22.01.18 17:17

The ex-officer of the Federal Security Service, member of the public council under the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, founder of an Internet medium Alexander Tuzov, who had lost almost 500,000 roubles during a year in copyright suits and previously informed bailiffs that monthly he spent 18,390 ...

About 300 people participate in rally of construction investors in Penza

21.01.18 18:29

About 300 construction investors, who had not received promised housing in time, participated in a rally in Penza on January 21, which was the third such event after campaigns held near the cinema Rodina on November 11 and in F.E. Dzerzhinsky public garden on December 24.

Media: Putin's visit to Penza may take place in the end of January

19.01.18 13:55

President of Russia Vladimir Putin may visit Penza in the end of January. This was stated in Valentin Manuylov's article "Putin for the fifth time?" with a reference to an unnamed source, published in the first issue of the newspaper Ulitsa Moskovskaya this year.

Surveillance camera captures police visit to Navalny headquarters in Penza

18.01.18 15:19

A surveillance camera captured first one and a half minutes of the police officers' visit to the headquarters of opposition activist Alexei Navalny in Penza. As it was reported before, recently the police had confiscated from there badges, stickers, leaflets about protests ...

Coordinator of Open Russia arrested in Penza due to sticker in StopHam style

18.01.18 12:12

At night police officers arrested Olga Zhulimova, coordinator of the movements Open Russia and Vesna, in Penza because during inspection of the car by which she was going home as a passenger there was discovered a sticker in a StopHam style reading "I do not care at all, I ...

Police comes to Navalny headquarters in Penza

17.01.18 20:52

Law enforcement authorities came to the Penza headquarters of the opposition activist Navalny: they confiscated equipment, badges, and leaflets about protests of voters. This was written on Facebook by the regional coordinator of the movements Open Russia and Spring Olga Zhulimova.

In Penza medical exercises dispensary receives equipment worth 11 million roubles over year

16.01.18 18:27

In 2017, the Penza regional medical exercises dispensary received equipment worth 10,800,000 roubles.

Vladimir Podobed becomes Putin's authorized representative

15.01.18 11:47

Vladimir Podobed, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Industry of the Penza region, became one of 259 authorized representatives of Vladimir Putin, candidate for the post of President of the Russian Federation.

In Penza children of construction investors build toy house

13.01.18 18:47

Children of construction investors, who invested money in new housing of the Penzastroy company but still had not received the promised apartments, built a toy house of foam plastic with the help of their parents during the morning performance held on the eve of the old style New Year on January 13.

Penza mayor's office suggests mass media looking at pictures of author who loses lawsuit about photos

12.01.18 19:05

The Penza mayor's office suggested heads of regional mass media and journalists looking at photos of the ex-officer of the Federal Security Service, member of the public council under the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, founder of an ...

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