17:52:47 Tuesday, July 17
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In Penza hurricane-force wind knocks down billboard and several trees, cars damaged

16.07.18 17:07

Hurricane-force wind and a heavy downpour that raged in some areas of Penza for a short period of time, led to numerous negative consequences.

Teenager dies in Zarechny trying to photograph storm

09.07.18 12:47

A 17-year-old boy who tried to photograph storm by his telephone camera died as a result of fall from height in Zarechny of the Penza region on Sunday, July 8. This was reported by head of the regional ministry of education Alexander Voronkov in his address to young people published on the department's website.

Police finds out if security cameras near scene of accident resulting in death work

09.07.18 10:55

The police find out if security cameras at the buildings located near the scene of the traffic accident in Kommunisticheskaya street in Penza, which resulted in the death of a pedestrian, operated.

In Penza driver knocks down and kills pedestrian and flees

09.07.18 10:14

The police are searching for the driver of the car VAZ-2114, who knocked down and killed a man near the shop Novost in Kommunisticheskaya street in Penza in the morning on Monday, July 9, and then fled the scene.

Young man drowns in Sputnik in front of witnesses

03.07.18 12:58

A young man who was having a rest on the beach of the Sputnik City in the village of Zasechny of the Penza region drowned in front of numerous witnesses.

Attempt to deliver 21 phones to colony fails in Penza

27.06.18 11:19

An attempt to deliver 21 mobile phones to penal colony No. 1 was stopped in Penza. This was reported by the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Penza region.

Four people die in traffic accident near Penza, five injured

26.06.18 10:20

Four people died, five people were hospitalized with injures of various severity as a result of collision of seven vehicles on the federal highway M5 Ural in the Mokshansky area of the Penza region on Tuesday, June 26. This was reported by Interfax with reference to an informed source.

Three Ukrainians who escaped from penal colony near Penza detained

15.06.18 15:12

Three young citizens of Ukraine who escaped from penal colony No. 12 in the village of Sosnovka of the Bessonovsky area of the Penza region were detained. This was reported by the press service of the regional department of the Federal Service for Execution of Punishment.

High alert regime declared after gas explosion in residential building in Penza

11.06.18 00:42

High alert was declared in Penza since June 10 after explosion of household gas in apartment No. 28 on the second floor of house No. 27 in Krupskaya street, as a result of which a worker of JSC Metan who arrived at the scene was injured. This was reported by the ...

Ambulance gets into accident on Prospekt Pobedy Street in Penza

26.05.18 15:24

An accident involving three cars, including an ambulance, took place on Prospekt Pobedy Street in Penza on Saturday, May 26.

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