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In Penza foreign car rams through fence near perinatal centre

16.01.18 18:12

A foreign-made car rammed through a metal fence near the perinatal centre in Penza from the side of Lermontova street.

In Penza region schoolgirl dies after entering stage

11.01.18 13:01

The death of the girl born 2003 who suddenly felt unwell when preparing to a holiday in a rural school of the Penza region and soon died occurred as a result of a sudden impaired cardiac function. This was reported by the acting senior assistant of the head of the regional investigative department for media relations under the ...

Investigation on fact of death of man in fire organized in Kamenka

04.01.18 13:19

Pre-trial investigation was organized on the fact of the death of a man born 1977 as a result of a fire in a house in Kooperativnaya street in Kamenka of the Penza region.

Penza shopping centres checked after night calls about mining

29.12.17 10:57

Law enforcement authorities checked Penza shopping centres after calls about mining, no dangerous items were found. This was reported by the press service of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Woman dies in collision of three cars near Penza, child hospitalized

22.12.17 11:31

A young woman who was driving a car VAZ-210 died in a car accident involving cars Toyota Land Cruiser and GAZel, which occurred on the highway Saratov-Nizhny Novgorod in the Penza region on Thursday, December 21. This was reported by the propaganda department of the traffic police of the regional department of the Ministry of ...

Resident of Zarechny discovers mine, grenades and bullets

17.12.17 09:45

A resident of Zarechny of the Penza region turned to the law enforcement authorities in connection with discovery of items similar to ammunition in the territory of a garage cooperative.

In Penza worker covered up with earth dies

15.12.17 11:00

The worker who was covered up with earth when carrying out works near house No. 43 in Mira street on Friday, December 15, died. This was reported by a PenzaNews correspondent from the scene.

In Kuznetsk woman knocked down outside zebra crossing to receive twice less than she planned

09.12.17 15:35

The Kuznetsk area court of the Penza region partially satisfied the claim of a woman who had been injured in a traffic accident a year ago and had turned to court to recover compensation for moral damage from the driver of the Lada Kalina car in the amount of 200,000 roubles.

In Penza traffic accident occurs involving trolleybus and two foreign cars one of which runs into fence

05.12.17 12:30

A traffic accident involving trolleybus No. 7 as well as cars Nissan and Toyota occurred at the intersection of Kalinina and Sverdlova streets in Penza.

Fact of hydrochloric acid leakage becomes known in Penza region

22.11.17 17:41

The leakage of hydrochloric acid occurred at the Ardym railway station in the Penza region.

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