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Luzgin expects circus and children's railway to help attract tourists with children

03.02.21 17:28

Andrei Luzgin, head of the Penza administration, expects that the new circus, which entered the final stage of construction, and the children's railway, which is due to be renovated as part of a major reconstruction, will contribute to the development of family tourism once ...

Belozertsev concerned that developers raise prices in Penza region

26.10.20 14:19

Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev expressed his concern about the growth of housing prices on the primary market.

Belozertsev: The coronavirus situation is tough but the health care system is prepared

13.10.20 11:56

The situation with the spread of coronavirus is not easy, but the health care system is now prepared. This was stated by Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev.

Vladimir Yakushev: Penza has a fairly good construction complex

02.09.20 20:20

Head of the Ministry of Construction of Russia Vladimir Yakushev, during his visit to Penza, expressed an opinion that the city has a fairly good construction complex.

Ivan Belozertsev: Coronavirus is receding, but it's too early to relax

20.07.20 11:38

The coronavirus is slowly receding, but it's too early to relax. This opinion was expressed by Governor of Penza region Ivan Belozertsev.

Belozertsev expects Penza region to start lifting restrictions "in coming days"

01.06.20 09:30

Ivan Belozertsev, Governor of Penza region, expects that by agreement with Rospotrebnadzor the region will be able to begin the first stage of lifting the restrictions imposed under the high alert regime due to the threat of new coronavirus infection COVID-19 "in the coming ...

Aynura Kypchakbaeva: 2019 was successful year for Asia Cement plant

13.12.19 19:35

The outgoing year was successful for the Asia Cement plant located in Penza. This opinion was expressed by the general director of the company Aynura Kypchakbaeva.

Valery Lidin notes benefits of political competition in Penza region

05.11.19 14:38

Valery Lidin, secretary of the Penza region's department of United Russia, chairman of the regional Legislative Assembly, noted the benefits of political competition, which had been observed in the region lately.

Andrei Luzgin: Penza should be a city convenient for residents and tourists

21.10.19 11:50

Unaffiliated Andrei Luzgin, 38, the first deputy chairman of the Penza region government, who claims to be the head of the Penza administration, is convinced that the regional centre should be a convenient city for residents and tourists.

John Warren, presenter of programme Let's Travel, Let's Eat, shares impressions of Penza

22.08.19 11:27

Host of the travel programme Let's Travel, Let's Eat John Warren, who visited Penza with the crew of NTV channel for the first time, shared his impressions of the city and its surroundings.

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