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Congress of Syrian peoples in Sochi to be of great importance for further settlement of situation

11.12.17 16:50

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a complete victory over Islamic State [ISIS, in the Arabic variant – DAISH, the activities of the terrorist group are prohibited in Russia] militants on both banks of the Euphrates river in Syria.

International experts concerned about escalating North Korea crisis ahead of Olympics

06.12.17 11:05

The security of the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in South Korean Pyeongchang scheduled for 9–25 February 2018 raises controversy among politicians, experts and representatives of the world sports community.

Potential change of official language in Moldova sparks heated discussion in country

28.11.17 23:28

The Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Transnistria) is not going to negotiate reintegration with Moldova and refused to recognize Romanian as official language. This was stated by the leader of Transnistria Vadim Krasnoselsky just before “5+2” talks in Vienna, ...

APEC Summit reaffirms countries’ commitment to development of free trade and investment

22.11.17 23:16

The 25th summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC ended in Vietnamese Danang on November 11. A joint declaration on the results of the forum was approved. The economic leaders assessed the current regional and global economic situation, agreed on the ways to ...

Western politicians concerned about social networks’ growing influence on public opinion

19.11.17 23:19

The State Duma of Russia unanimously passed a legislative amendment that would allow foreign media to be classified as foreign agents. It is expected that the Ministry of Justice will address every issue on a case-by-case basis, as it was a forced measure which came as a ...

Foreign analysts not exclude possibility of terrorists’ transition to large-scale attacks

02.11.17 23:47

Terrorist groups are planning another huge terror attack in the US on the same scale as 9/11, the acting US Homeland Security chief Elaine Duke said at the US embassy in London.

Experts: African food security threatened by foreign agro-companies

27.10.17 15:21

Foreign companies engaged in agriculture in Africa threaten the food security of the continent. This opinion was expressed in the article named Hunger in Africa, Land of Plenty by Australian scientist of Bangladeshi origin Anis Chowdhury, who held senior United Nations positions during 2008–2015, and Malaysian economist Jomo ...

International experts negatively assess Washington’s idea to review Iran nuclear deal

18.10.17 17:14

President of the United States Donald Trump called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), adopted by the permanent members of the UN Security Council, the high representative of the European Union, Germany and Iran in 2015, “one of the worst” and the ...

Honest constructive dialogue between Barcelona and Madrid needed to resolve Catalan crisis

09.10.17 23:18

International politicians, experts and observers continue to monitor the situation in Spain, where on October 1, the regional authorities of the autonomous community of Catalonia held a referendum on independence, in which more than 90% of voters supported secession from the ...

New configuration of forces in German parliament can seriously change political landscape

30.09.17 23:46

The leader of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) Angela Merkel won the election for a new Bundestag on September 24, and secured another term as German Chancellor – the post that she has held for 12 years since 2005.

Mike Whitney: US not interested in direct military conflict with North Korea

29.09.17 15:02

The United States are not interested in the phase of active hostilities against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The American analyst from Washington Mike Whitney expressed this opinion in his article “Why Trump Won’t Start A War With North ...

EEF in Vladivostok gives new impetus to economic ties development between Russia and Asian countries

15.09.17 23:39

The total price of official agreements signed during the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), which ended in Vladivostok on Thursday, September 7, amounted to about 2.5 trillion rubles, significantly exceeding the figures of 2016 .

Opinion: American oligarchs’ political ambitions push world to nuclear war

05.09.17 16:05

The political course of the United States is largely determined by the oligarchs who stay in the shadow and whose ambitions often contradict the interests of ordinary citizens of the country. This opinion is expressed by Rahul Manchanda, American analyst, Attorney who was ...

Missile defense system in Europe undermines efforts to improve relations between West and Russian Federation

22.08.17 23:51

The creation of a ballistic missile defense (BMD) system in the EU will not improve the security of the European countries , NATO-members. This is stated in a study by Katarzyna Kubiak, the expert of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, entitled ...

Split in Moldova’s political circles greatly hinders solution of urgent problems in republic

16.08.17 23:47

Moldova’s President Igor Dodon called on the government to refrain from attempts to involve the country in a regional conflict with the support of the West, saying that he will have to act decisively. The politician wrote this statement commenting the interaction of ...

US anti-Russia sanctions may have negative impact on European energy security

04.08.17 23:09

US President Donald Trump signed into law a bill imposing new sanctions against Russia while acknowledging that the document has a number of shortcomings including “unconstitutional provisions”.

Experts: Brexit negotiations between London and Brussels not yet yielded tangible results

31.07.17 23:10

Brexit can disrupt the air travel from Great Britain to the European Union and the US if the UK government does not strike a deal with Brussels.

Western countries making adjustments to their vision of Syrian crisis solution

24.07.17 22:54

The truce in the Syrian Arab Republic, which was agreed during the negotiations between Russian leader Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump at the G20 Summit in Hamburg , became one of the central topics discussed by world analysts.

International experts: G20 Summit results in Hamburg ambiguous

14.07.17 23:39

The results of the two-day G20 Summit, which ended in Hamburg, Germany on July 8, caused mixed assessments among international analysts and representatives of the expert community.

Moldova’s political elite makes people main victim of its intrigues and interests

10.07.17 22:49

International observers speak about significant complication of the internal political situation in Moldova, linking the growing tensions and aggravation of the conflict between the ruling elites with the activity of President Igor Dodon elected at the end of last year .

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