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IFC participants highly appreciate expert discussions on wide range of topics

16.07.19 22:56

More than 1,200 experts, analysts, representatives of large banks, foreign regulators, professional associations and Media from Russia and 37 foreign countries took part in the 28th International Financial Congress (IFC) , which was held in St. Petersburg on July 3–5, ...

Expert: Ekrem Imamoglu’s victory in Istanbul mayoral election indicates desire for change

06.07.19 20:00

The election of opposition politician Ekrem Imamoglu as mayor of Istanbul indicates citizens’ dissatisfaction with the policies of the ruling party, says Aslı Aydıntaşbaş, the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) Senior Policy Fellow, in her article “What ...

Graham Peebles: It is time for developed countries to seriously address issue of plastic waste recycling

01.07.19 11:51

Developed countries should take responsibility for environmental pollution with plastic waste and jointly develop effective steps to prevent environmental catastrophe, says Graham Peebles, Writer and Director of The Create Trust, in his article “Zero Waste: The Global ...

IFC in St. Petersburg to provide opportunity for discussing most pressing financial issues

24.06.19 23:35

Less than ten days remain until the beginning of the 28th International Financial Congress (IFC) ‘Financial Markets: Increasing Complexity, Maintaining Stability’ that will be held at the sites of the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library and the Astoria Hotel in ...

SPIEF-2019 reaches new frontiers and gains even greater importance in international arena

14.06.19 23:39

The total price of official agreements signed during the 23rd St. Petersburg International Economic Forum ( SPIEF ), which was held under the slogan “Creating a Sustainable Development Agenda” on June 6–8, amounted to more than 3.1 trillion rubles (47.81 ...

Opinion: Raising tariffs on Chinese goods in US leads to increase in tax burden

31.05.19 23:05

The decline in the American standard of living will be a natural consequence of the new US tariffs for Chinese goods, says Ryan McMaken, Senior Editor at the Mises Institute in his article “With new tariffs, Trump hikes taxes on American small business owners, ...

Analyst: Cancellation of mayor election results in Istanbul indicates Turkey’s entry into new period

28.05.19 23:13

For the first time since 1994, the candidate from the Turkish ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has lost mayor election in Istanbul, and despite the election board’s decision to cancel the voting results, Turkey has already entered a new historical period. ...

Experts: SPIEF becomes one of most important platforms for international business contacts

18.05.19 22:30

The key topic of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum ( SPIEF ), which will be held at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre on June 6–8, is Creating a Sustainable Development Agenda, says the official website.

International experts positively evaluate results of Belt and Road Forum in Beijing

08.05.19 23:32

The participants of the second forum of One Belt One Road international cooperation held in Beijing on April 25–27 signed 283 agreements totaling more than 64 billion dollars, Chinese President Xi Jinping said at a press conference following the event.

Results of presidential elections in Ukraine reflect distrust of Poroshenko and his team

02.05.19 23:31

Volodymyr Zelensky, a candidate from the Servant of the People Party, won the second round of the presidential elections in Ukraine , gaining 73.22% of the vote, said the country's Central Election Commission on Tuesday, April 30.

IAF results confirm countries’ interest in joint projects for Arctic development

24.04.19 23:45

The participants of the International Arctic Forum (IAF), which ended in St. Petersburg on April 10, signed 45 agreements totaling 69.8 billion rubles.

Yellow Vests Protests in France significantly reduce current government’s popularity

19.04.19 17:31

Around 31,000 people took part in the 22nd consecutive Saturday of Yellow Vests demonstrations in France, April 13. A lot of clashes broke out in Toulouse, a city that the informal organizers of the action declared the “capital of protests” that day.

Expert: US decision to recognize Golan Heights as part of Israel leads to escalation of tensions

10.04.19 22:48

The decision of US President Donald Trump to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights leads to escalation of tension in the Middle East and casts doubt on any prospects for normalizing Arab-Israeli relations. This opinion was expressed by Binoy Kampmark from RMIT ...

IAF in St. Petersburg to outline new ways of multi-vector cooperation in Arctic

28.03.19 23:21

Less than two weeks remain before the start of the V International Arctic Forum (IAF) Arctic: Territory of Dialogue, which will be held in St. Petersburg on April 9–10.

Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk fully met athletes’ and spectators’ expectations

21.03.19 22:14

XXIX World Winter Universiade, held in Krasnoyarsk from 2 to 12 March, ended with the triumph of the Russian national team, which won almost half of all awards and received 112 medals out of 228: 41 gold, 39 silver and 32 bronze.

Failed Hanoi Summit helps US and DPRK leaders take fresh look at situation

08.03.19 13:54

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un were unable to reach an agreement at a summit held in the capital of Vietnam on February 27–28, and therefore did not sign the final document that has been earlier called Hanoi Declaration.

Experts: Ukrainian presidential election results still unpredictable

05.03.19 12:31

Less than a month remains before the next presidential elections in Ukraine, which are appointed by the country’s parliament on Sunday, March 31. According to some analysts, the main struggle for the presidency will unfold between the current president Petro ...

RIF becoming increasingly important platform for tackling critical issues

27.02.19 23:01

Participants of the Russian Investment Forum (RIF), which took place in Sochi on February 14–15, signed 567 cooperation agreements totaling more than 968 billion rubles. Last year this figure was 794 billion rubles , while the number of agreements was slightly less ...

Krasnoyarsk Universiade participants come to Russia with positive attitude and believe in good result

23.02.19 23:13

The XXIX World Winter Universiade, which will be for the first time held in Russia, in the city of Krasnoyarsk from March 2 to March 12, will have a record number of participants, said Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Universiade-2019 Olga ...

Creation of first genetically edited twins requires more detailed investigation

06.02.19 23:18

An American biophysicist from Rice University Michael Deem played an instrumental role in the experiment by the Chinese scientist He Jiankui , who tried to create children protected from HIV infection by gene modification. This information appeared at the scientific and ...

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