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French presidential election can be most unpredictable in country’s history

21.04.17 11:34

Two days left before the first round of the presidential elections will start in France in the upcoming Sunday, April 23, but there is no clear favorite in the race for the country's presidential post.

Foreign experts: US air strikes in Syria violate American Constitution and UN Charter

17.04.17 23:36

International experts and politicians continue to discuss situation around the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR), complicated after the US accused Syrian government of using chemical weapons in Idlib and attacked Shayrat air base with cruise missiles on the night of April 7.

INF treaty issue may be resolved through open dialogue between Russia and US

06.04.17 23:07

The growing tension around the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty of 8 December 1987 continues to complicate the bilateral relations between Moscow and Washington, registering mutual complaints against each other over non-compliance with the document.

Russia–Japan talks contribute to improving bilateral relations and building trust

28.03.17 23:45

Foreign and Defense Ministers of Russia and Japan hold their first talks in the so-called two-plus-two format since November 2013 on Monday, March 20. Sergey Lavrov, Sergey Shoygu, Fumio Kishida and Tomomi Inada discussed the issues of regional and international security and ...

India can provide China serious competition in low cost manufacturing by 2020

24.03.17 22:47

India can provide China a serious competition in cheap goods production in the near future. This topic was raised by Subrata Majumder, Adviser to Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), New Delhi, and the author of numerous publications on economic issues, in his article ...

Expert: Pakistani authorities must rely on domestic resources to fight terrorism

15.03.17 18:47

A series of February bomb blasts across Pakistan left a deep imprint on citizens’ minds, forcing them to feel fear in the face of a terrorist threat. This topic was raised by Babar Khan Bozdar, Research Affiliate at Strategic Vision Institute Islamabad, in his article ...

Forum in Sochi confirms investment attractiveness of Russian economy for foreign capital

07.03.17 23:46

The Russian Investment Forum (RIF) , which ended last week in Sochi, once again confirmed the attractiveness of the country’s economy and its regions for foreign capital. This is the general opinion of representatives of business circles, politicians and observers who ...

Addressing North Korea’s problem requires completely new constructive approach

28.02.17 22:53

China invites the United States to intensify dialogue with the DPRK to resolve the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang on Tuesday, February 21.

Syrian crisis settlement requires genuine willingness to compromise

20.02.17 21:58

Another round of Syrian talks was held in Astana on February 15–16. During the two-day meeting various talks have been held between Russia, Iran and Turkey with the participation of the government delegations of the Syrian Arab Republic and Syrian armed opposition, as well as representatives of Jordan and the United Nations.

Investment forum in Sochi to be interesting and useful for foreign businessmen

14.02.17 22:01

Less than two weeks are left until the Russian Investment Forum (RIF) will start its work in Sochi, on February 27–28.

International experts disagree about potential changes in EU policies

07.02.17 23:22

International observers continue to discuss potential changes in European politics that can be followed after the election of conservative Italian Antonio Tajani as the new President of the European Parliament (EP) in the fourth round of voting in Strasbourg on 17 January 2017.

Ecological situation in Mongolia affects national security

21.01.17 23:05

Mongolia’s air pollution has reached the point of affecting the country and city’s national security, says Samantha Brletich, a freelance writer and researcher on the region of Central Asia, in her article “Mongolia’s new approach to curb air pollution” published in foreign Media.

Improving relations between Chisinau and Tiraspol to create conditions for stability growth and reforms

12.01.17 23:09

The leaders of Moldova and unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Transnistria) Igor Dodon and Vadim Krasnoselski held a working meeting in the city of Bender on 4 January 2017.

Mike Whitney: US Democrats’ anti-Russian rhetoric causing serious damage to Party

26.12.16 23:42

The US Democratic Party is doing incalculable damage to itself by shape-shifting into the party of baseless conspiracy theories, groundless accusations, and sour grapes, says the article by American analyst from Washington Mike Whitney entitled “The Democrats ...

Nauman Sadiq: “Moderate” Syrian opposition slightly differs from militants in Mosul

17.12.16 23:53

“Moderate opposition” in the Syrian Arab Republic slightly differs from the Islamic State (IS, Daesh in Arabic; banned in Russia) terrorists in Mosul, Iraq, suggested Nauman Sadiq, an Islamabad-based attorney, columnist and geopolitical analyst, in his article ...

EU resolution against Russian media caused mixed reaction in the world

06.12.16 20:35

European Parliament resolution of 23 November 2016 on EU strategic communication to counteract propaganda against it by third parties caused ambiguous reaction of international observers and journalists.

Igor Dodon’s victory demonstrates Moldovans’ exhaustion and desire for change

25.11.16 23:45

The victory of Moldova’s Socialist Party leader Igor Dodon, who gained 52.11% of votes in the second round of the presidential elections on 13 November2016, attracted close attention of international analysts and experts.

Experts: US voting results show serious split in American society

17.11.16 23:46

An unexpected victory of Donald Trump who is to become the 45th president of the United States is actively discussed by international experts analysing the county’s possible changes in foreign policy.

Combating climate change requires smart and urgent action on part of world powers

11.11.16 23:34

Paris climate agreement that was adopted at the Climate Change Conference in December 2015 to replace the Kyoto Protocol, came into force November 4.

American experts hope for further cooperation between US and Russia in nuclear field

20.10.16 23:28

Russian State Duma approved a draft bill suspending the plutonium disposal agreement with the United States (PMDA) from 2000 on Wednesday, October 19. President Vladimir Putin’s decree garnered 445 votes and one abstention in the lower house of the Russian parliament.

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