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Annual income of deputy Boris Kulagin reaches almost 188 million roubles

12.05.19 09:00

The declared annual income of Boris Kulagin, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region of the 6th convocation representing the district №10, member of United Russia faction, chairman of the board of directors of LLC Continent Group, amounted to about 188 million ...

Rating: The Penza region returned to the group of regions with maximum stability

06.03.19 09:25

The Penza region, which had left the group of regions with maximum stability almost two years ago, was again included in it. This is evidenced by the results of the rating of the foundation "Peterburgskaya politika" as of February 2019.

Penza mayor aims officials' efforts at communication with residents on social networks

17.01.19 12:29

Head of the Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev instructed heads of city administrations and departments to communicate with residents on social networks.

Gennady Zyuganov promises to visit Penza

21.12.18 17:05

Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Russia, head of the CPRF faction in the State Duma Gennady Zyuganov promised to make a business trip to Penza when a suitable occasion occurs.

Zyuganov: Mr. Kamnev is one of the most capable young leaders of the Communist Party

21.12.18 16:42

Member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, first secretary of the Penza regional party committee, head of the communist faction in the regional Legislative Assembly Georgy Kamnev is one of the most capable young leaders ...

Interview with Belozertsev released in federal media in advance of rally for his resignation

16.12.18 11:37

Two federal news agencies at the same time – RIA Novosti and TASS – posted an interview with governor Ivan Belozertsev on their websites in advance of the second rally for his resignation, which is scheduled for Sunday, December 16.

Unknown spoil facade of United Russia's office with inscriptions

15.12.18 16:59

The unknown made a few inscription, presumably, with spray paint, on the night of December 15 on the facade of the building in the centre of Penza, where the office of the regional United Russia department is located.

Georgy Kamnev imparts details of business trip to China

12.12.18 12:55

Leader of Penza communists, deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, presidium member of the Central Committee of CPRF Georgy Kamnev shared on Facebook details of the business trip of an official delegation to China, which he headed.

Denis Leontyev appointed deputy head of Penza administration

12.12.18 09:51

Denis Leontyev, who over the past five months served as head of the municipal property administration of Penza, was appointed vice-mayor for economics and business development. This was said by head of the city administration Victor Kuvaytsev at the meeting held on Wednesday, December 12.

Representative office of Penza government buys car for almost 2 million roubles

08.12.18 16:49

State-financed institution "Representative Office of the Penza Region Government Under the Government of the Russian Federation", which is headed by Nikolai Makarov, a member of the regional Legislative Assembly from the party United Russia, is going to purchase a car worth ...

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