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Council of youth parliaments of municipalities founded in Penza

06.04.18 18:27

The first meeting of the council of youth parliament of Penza region municipalities was held on Friday, April 6.

Ivan Belozertsev drops to 39th position in media rating of governors

06.04.18 15:38

Governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev dropped from 30th to 39th position in the media rating of regional administration heads in the Russian Federation prepared by the company Medialogia in March 2018.

Protests of deceived construction investors influece rating of Penza region

04.04.18 15:10

Analysts of the foundation the Petersburg Politics consider the protests of deceived construction investors in Penza and the dismissal of Valentina Breeva, head of the Solominsky village administration, to be the negative factors that affected the position of the Penza ...

Mayor: Penza population's satisfaction with the work of authorities is growing

30.03.18 10:25

The level of Penza population's satisfaction with the activities of executive authorities is growing. This was stated by head of the city administration Victor Kuvaytsev.

In Penza Communist Party and Left Front express disagreement with results of elections

24.03.18 17:17

Representatives of the Communist Party and the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League (Komsomol) expressed their disagreement with the results of the elections of the President of Russia at a rally, which was held near the building of the former Rodina cinema in Penza on ...

Penza mayor occupies third position in rating of regional administration heads

22.03.18 14:25

Penza mayor Victor Kuvaytsev occupied the third position in the media rating of the regional administration heads in the Volga Federal District prepared by the Medialogia company in February 2018.

Penza mayor thinks turnout to reach at least 70% in next elections

20.03.18 12:16

Head of Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev thinks that in the next elections the turnout of voters in the city should be at least 70%.

Representatives of opposition discuss results of elections at rally in Penza

20.03.18 10:23

Representatives of opposition took part in a rally that was held in the Dzerzhinsky public garden in Penza on March 19 in order to share views on the recent election campaign and voting results of the elections of the President of Russia.

Voter turnout at Russian presidential elections in all areas of region higher than in 2012

19.03.18 09:19

The voter turnout at the 2018 presidential elections of the Russian Federation, which were held on March 18, in all areas of the Penza region was higher than 6 years ago and the average for the region amounted to 73.75%. This was reported by the chairman of the election ...

Preliminary results of Russian presidential elections in Penza region become known

19.03.18 05:25

The preliminary results of the Russian presidential elections in the Penza region became known after processing 100% of protocols of precinct election commissions.

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