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"Industry 4.0" becomes theme of jubilee conference Secon in Penza

16.03.18 13:16

"Industry 4.0" became the main theme of the 10th two-day international software engineering conference Secon, which started at the premises of the Penza regional M.Y. Lermontov library on Friday, March 16.

Organization of video surveillance during presidential elections demonstrated in Penza

06.03.18 16:58

The chief technology officer of the Penza branch of PLC Rostelecom Roman Dudkin and the vice-chairman of the regional election commission Alexei Klimukhin demonstrated how a video surveillance system will be organized during the presidential elections on March 18.

Meeting between students and employers held in Penza IT college in meetup format for first time

01.03.18 17:25

The meeting between heads and specialists of Penza IT companies and final-year students of Information and Industrial Technology College, which was held on Thursday, March 1, was conducted in the format of meetup for the first time.

MTS first operator to announce cancellation of intra-network roaming

27.02.18 10:53

The MTS company was the first operator to announce a significant reduction in prices on calls, messages and Internet outside a home region in connection with the demand of the Federal Antimonopoly Service to cancel intra-network roaming.

Tele2 launches 4G network in Penza region

25.01.18 16:31

The mobile operator Tele2 put a 4G/LTE network into commercial operation in the Penza region.

Rostelecom provides Internet connection to 48 medical institutions of Penza region

18.12.17 18:02

Within the framework of execution of a state contract, the Penza branch of PLC "Rostelecom" provided Internet access to 48 medical institutions in 2017. This was reported by the first deputy chairman of the regional government Andrei Kulintsev.

Application process for contest "Computer 3D modelling" starts in Penza

09.11.17 09:38

An application process for the fifth contest "Computer 3D modelling" started in the Penza region.

Results of 48-hour hackathon HackDay summed up in Penza

30.10.17 11:30

Results of the 48-hour hackathon HackDay were summed up during a final demo test that was held at the premises of the rollerdrome in the Olimpiysky park in Penza.

Team IT marathon starts in Penza

28.10.17 10:12

The fourth IT marathon HackDay started at the premises of the rollerdrome in the Olimpiysky park in Penza on Friday, October 27.

In Penza Rostelecom holds World of Tanks tournament for first time

27.10.17 14:16

The first e-sports tournament "Tanks in the city", which had been organized by the company Rostelecom, based on the multiplayer game World of Tanks was held in the cyber club New Wave in Penza.

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