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Exhibition of money from different countries to be opened in Belinsky

20.01.19 14:28

The exhibition of banknotes of different countries will be opened in the State Museum-Estate of V. G. Belinsky in the town of Belinsky of the Penza region on the coming Wednesday, January 23.

Almost 200 reinforced concrete slabs stolen in Penza

20.01.19 12:32

195 reinforced concrete slabs of different sizes were stolen from an unfinished production facility in Penza. This was reported by the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Students of Penza province lyceum distinguish themselves at chemistry contest

19.01.19 13:52

Two students of the Penza province lyceum – Stepan Barashev and Sofya Zarubina – won the regional stage of the all-Russian chemistry competition.

Penza mayor instructs to provide round-the-clock operation of snow melting machine

19.01.19 10:50

Head of the Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev instructed to ensure round-the-clock work of the snow-melting machine installed in Libersona Street under the Leonidovsky overpass.

In Penza projects of new fountain to be submitted for public discussion

18.01.19 17:55

Pprojects of the new fountain, which is planned to be placed in Fontannaya square of Penza in the framework of upcoming reconstruction, should be submitted for public discussion. Such an opinion was expressed by governor Ivan Belozertsev on estimating several options, including the pedestrian fountain, that with a water bowl and mixed.

Theft of 2.5 tons of scrap metal solved in Luninsky area

18.01.19 10:28

The police solved theft of black scrap metal weighing about 2.5 tons and a faulty welding machine from a shed in the Luninsky area of the Penza region as well as of a table and a bench made of black metal from an unlocked bathhouse.

US government shutdown over Trump’s dispute with congress significantly worsens situation in country

17.01.19 23:23

The partial US government shutdown will subtract 0.1 percentage point from growth every week, CNBC reports referring to an anonymous source in the White House.

Penza mayor aims officials' efforts at communication with residents on social networks

17.01.19 12:29

Head of the Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev instructed heads of city administrations and departments to communicate with residents on social networks.

Measles brought from Ukraine to Penza region during New Year holidays

16.01.19 15:50

A case of carried measles was registered in the Penza region during New Year holidays and winter school holidays. This was reported by the press service of the regional department of the Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being (Rospotrebnadzor).

Four Penza athletes become members of Russian national team in rhythmic gymnastics

16.01.19 12:58

Four athletes from the Penza region became members of the Russian national team in rhythmic gymnastics.

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