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Missile defense system in Europe undermines efforts to improve relations between West and Russian Federation

22.08.17 23:51

The creation of a ballistic missile defense (BMD) system in the EU will not improve the security of the European countries , NATO-members. This is stated in a study by Katarzyna Kubiak, the expert of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, entitled ...

Oleg Babkin: Psychological support for children is underdeveloped in the Penza region

22.08.17 17:49

Psychological support for children is at a low level in the Penza region. Such opinion was expressed by the responsible secretary of the regional committee on juvenile affairs and protection of their rights Oleg Babkin.

Ministry of Health: A Penza doctor will perform the first in the world implantation of two crystalline lenses

22.08.17 12:22

The chief medical officer of the Penza regional ophthalmology hospital, chief out-of-staff ophthalmologist of the region, Ph.D Rashid Galeev will carry out the first in the world operation on implantation of two crystalline lenses. This was reported by the regional ...

Dome for lamp on Vladimir Putin's desk produced in Penza region

22.08.17 12:10

Workers of the JSC "Nikolsky light glass factory" in the Penza region noted that the desk of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is decorated with a lamp with a dome "Etruscan" produced at the factory.

Girls from Zarechny can become military pilots

22.08.17 11:57

It was allowed that two girls from Zarechny town of the Penza region who want to become military pilots undergo training in Krasnodar. This was reported by Igor Ermakov, head of the municipal department of the Penza region military commissariat in Zarechny town.

Over 200 cases of tuberculosis registered in Penza region in 7 months

21.08.17 17:40

204 cases of tuberculosis were registered in the Penza region over seven months of the year 2017. This was reported by the press service of the regional department of the Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being (Rospotrebnadzor).

Investigators to find out who infected teenager with HIV in Penza region

21.08.17 16:20

A pre-trial investigation was organized on the fact of infecting a 17-year-old girl who lives in Kuznetsk area of the Penza region with HIV infection as a result of a sexual contact.

Rally against political pressure on candidates for deputy held in Penza

21.08.17 12:44

CPRF representatives held a rally against political pressure on candidates for deputy in Dzerzhinsky public garden in Penza.

Poll: About 40% of Penza residents believe in fair elections to the Legislative Assembly

21.08.17 12:13

Less than a half of resident of the Penza region – about 40% – believe that the elections to the Legislative Assembly of the region, which are scheduled for September 10, will be fair. Such are the results of the poll conducted on the PenzaNews website ...

Penza governor orders to introduce dress code in regional government

21.08.17 09:50

A protocol regulating requirements for clothing of officials of the Penza region government will be elaborated and adopted in the near future. The corresponding decision was made by the governor Ivan Belozertsev at an operative meeting on Monday, August 21.

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