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Margaret Kimberley: Deliberate destruction of Libya by US led to sad consequences

12:21 | 18.05.2017 | Analytic


18 May 2017. PenzaNews. Deliberate destruction of Libya was a war crime by all standards of international law, responsibility for which lies with the United States. This opinion was expressed by Margaret Kimberley, a New York journalist, editor and senior columnist at Black Agenda Report, in her article Obama And Clinton Brought Slavery To Libya published in the foreign media.

Margaret Kimberley: Deliberate destruction of Libya by US led to sad consequences

Photo: Victor Korniyenko, Wikipedia.org

“That country was just one victim of the American plan to eliminate secular governments in the Middle East. Under the guise of a phony ‘responsibility to protect’ and with cover from organizations such as Human Rights Watch, American propaganda gave an atrocity the appearance of a humanitarian act,” the article says.

According to her, today Libya is the leader in terms of the number of refugees leaving the country.

“Nearly every day there is a new report of desperate migrants rescued at sea in the Mediterranean. Some are less fortunate and are among the estimated 12,000 who have died there in the last three years alone,” the analyst writes.

Moreover, in her opinion, the policy of President Barack Obama and his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, made Libya a haven for human traffickers.

“Now come reports from media and the International Organization for Migration that African migrants are being openly bought and sold in Libya. This practice would not be taking place if Muammar Gaddafi not been murdered by American backed jihadists in 2011,” Margaret Kimberley stresses.

From her point of view, Obama’s evil success in Libya set off an endless trail of disasters.

“Libya is a hot bed of ISIS activity along with Iraq and Syria. It is not a coincidence that all three countries were targets of American regime change. Even the American ambassador in Libya fell victim to his government’s machinations in Benghazi,” she reminds.

According to her, Obama and Clinton hoped to continue their victory in Syria, but president Assad was stronger than they anticipated.

“They insisted that Assad had to go and they didn’t care how many Syrians they killed or turned into refugees in the process. Now the bloodshed continues under a new administration [of the US],” the expert writes.

In her opinion, the migration crisis in the EU was also the result of the policy of the United States.

European countries struggle to contend with the flow of people from Syria and Libya who would be in their homelands were it not for America’s designs on that part of the world. Yet the corporate media say nothing. They may report on the refugee crisis and the migrant crisis without ever stating what is easily provable, that the United States is entirely responsible for the suffering,” the journalist says.

There can be no plan for reviving the peace movement that doesn’t include a reckoning of responsibility for the disasters that Obama and Clinton have brought, she notes.

“We came, we saw, he died,’ is one of the more memorable Hillary Clinton statements [concerning intervention in Libya]. Obama knew better than to be so crass, but he privately called Libya a ‘shit show’ as if he were a bystander and not the perpetrator. While the corporate media make hay out of very dubious evidence of atrocities allegedly committed by the Syrian government, the atrocities caused directly by the American government go unmentioned. Or rather they are reported absent of any context of American responsibility,” Margaret Kimberley writes.

According to her, even press reports of slave trading in Libya follow the same proscribed language.

“They will say that Gaddafi was an autocrat and a dictator, but omit that the humanitarian disaster was carried out by the United States, NATO, and Gulf monarchs,” the analyst reminds.

From her point of view, the dismemberment of Libya is one of many crimes that are conveniently shoved down the memory hole.

“Now we see the supreme and awful irony. America’s first black president is responsible for slavery taking place in a once prosperous African country and his role is covered up by people who once would have condemned his actions,” she says.

For example, according to her, earlier black Americans were unanimous in their support when the Libyan leader was attacked by the US authorities.

“But that support ended when he fell under Obama’s cross hairs. Barack Obama’s ascendancy to the presidency was a curse on black America’s political heritage,” the expert believes.

In her opinion, now when Donald Trump is president the selective amnesia grows worse.

“The corporate media do not fulfill their most basic obligations. They repeat lies if they are told by people they decide to protect. They hide the truth if it is told by the people they decide to disappear from discourse and from history,” the analyst says and stresses that dissembling should not overshadow the minds of people who support anti-war sentiments.

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