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Penza region officials give advice for spring field work

11:02 | 06.03.2016 | Agriculture


Penza, 6 March 2016. PenzaNews. Representatives of the Penza region Ministry of Agriculture have developed recommendations for spring field work related to the current weather and future forecasts.

Penza region officials give advice for spring field work

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According to the advice sheet, the agrarians are recommended to check their winter crop plants for sugar content to use nitrogen fertilizers if necessary.

Also, they are advised on various check-up points during plant inspection, how to drag and fertilize winter crops correctly and plan the planting of early summer grains.

The advice sheet places particular emphasis on making the most out of the available soil and climate conditions, as well as the potential of high-yield varieties and hybrids of crops.

According to available information, in 2016, 330,500 hectares of land have been planted with winter crops in the Penza region, including 320,100 hectares of winter grains (divided into 305,100 hectares of wheat, 12,100 hectares of rye, 2,900 hectares of triticale), as well as 10,400 hectares of false flax.

The inspection of winter crops have shown that 140,500 hectares of crops are in good condition, 149,700 hectares in satisfactory condition, 29,900 hectares in poor condition.

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