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Over 100 modern agricultural machines presented at “PenzAgroTekh” expo

18:32 | 06.07.2016 | Agriculture


Penza, 6 July 2016. PenzaNews. Over 100 brand-new agricultural machines were presented at the 2nd two-day interregional expo “PenzAgroTekh-2016,” which went off at the “Belaya Gora” resort in the Kamenka area of the Penza region on Wednesday, July 6.

Over 100 modern agricultural machines presented at “PenzAgroTekh” expo

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The event brought together machine producers from the Penza, Voronezh, Rostov, Belgorod and Samara regions, St. Petersburg, Krasnodarsky Krai, and other parts of Russia.

In a welcoming word, the Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev noted that the interest to the expo keeps increasing.

“Today, we will see the examples of our machines, made in Penza. Please take a closer look to them,” the head of the region asked.

He stressed that high-performance agricultural machinery is important for timely processes, which is particularly important for import replacement measures.

After the official ceremony, guests of the event were able to learn more about the available machinery.

Ivan Belozertsev himself examined each and every machine present at the event, asking a lot of questions about their parameters, such as costs and performance compared to foreign models.

During the presentation, prospective buyers were able to evaluate the multifunctional machines – combines, tillers, harrows, sowers, mowers, harvesters, tractors, plows and agricultural planes – in their actual performance.

The audience were able to see the new designs of 2016, including grain harvest combines, fertilizer machines and weed killer systems.

In particular, “Agromekhanika” from Kamenka informed the governor that they completed his request to create a locally produced fertilizer machine that would be able to replace the imported machinery, and produced a field prototype that awaits certification and will go for production in the upcoming year.

In his comment on the expo, Ivan Belozertsev noted that this year’s “PenzAgroTekh” demonstrated great interest to Russian machines from large-scale and smaller agricultural enterprises alike.

“That means our agricultural producers want to work with the soil, want to get good harvests,” the governor stressed.

He called for Russian companies to be on par with the times and market modern machines that would be able to keep event with foreign-made counterparts.

“It is important for us that the large holdings that can buy imported machinery would be able to see all price and performance advantages of our machines,” he said.

Also, Ivan Belozertsev proposed to set up a brand new event in 2017 by uniting “PenzAgroTekh” and “Field Day” expos under one roof.

“Let us hold one big festival – the first part dedicated to business, to what we did today, the second part will be a presentation of areas and agricultural products,” the Penza governor suggested.

He expressed his belief that such an event would attract interest from area agrarians, general Penza public, and people from other cities.

The next event of the expo was a roundtable discussion for members of the Penza region government, representatives of related ministries, municipalities, regional associations, machine producers and agricultural companies.

The members of the discussion reviewed a number of relevant issues, including state support for agrarians, reintroduction of abandoned lands into agricultural process, and implementation of innovative technologies.

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