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Aviagen representatives visit "Damate" complex

10:00 | 23.03.2017 | Agriculture


Penza, 23 March 2017. PenzaNews. Representatives of the group of companies Aviagen, which works in the sphere of selection and genetics, visited a complex on production and processing turkey of the group of companies "Damate" located in the Penza region.

Aviagen representatives visit "Damate" complex

Photo: Pnzreg.ru

The delegation was headed by the general director of the company Aviagen Turkeys Clay Burrows.

The purpose of the visit of the Aviagen specialists was to become familiar with existing production facilities of one of the largest turkey producers in the country in order to assess the company's potential and to discuss the possibility of creation of an enterprise at the "Damate" premises that would breed turkey parent flocks.

They visited turkey breeding grounds, examined a “Damate ”poultry processing factory and talked with leading specialist of the company.

The specialists highly appreciated organization of the production, noted a good level of technical equipment and technological solutions, and also paid special attention to the system of biological safety introduced in the company.

In addition, a large impression on the guests was produced by the "Damate" situation centre, which accumulates the company's operating data and production microclimate parametres as well as data from the observational satellite system GLONASS for complete control over company's traffic.

Here specialists control work of all systems, carry out video surveillance of the facilities, monitor traffic, promptly respond to emergency situations as well as to deviations from production figures and operation schedules. Through the system of situation centre dispatching and a number of notification algorithms, relevant information is transmitted to heads of all departments in online mode for instant decision-making.

The Aviagen representatives also examined grounds suitable for realization of the parent flock project.

On Wednesday evening, March 22, Aviagen and "Damate" representatives had a meeting with the governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev.

The main topic for discussion was plans for realization of the turkey parent flock project.

"I will be glad if you decide to start production in the Penza land. We support good investment projects, by means of engineering infrastructure for example. In association with you, "Damate" will develop even more effectively," Ivan Belozertsev said.

In turn, the Aviagen Turkeys general director Clay Barrows noted that selection work is a very specific business that requires skills and experience.

"Our main criteria is location of the production out of human settlements and away from livestock facilities as well as accessibility of communications. We think that Russian market is perspective and fast-growing and that the company "Damate", which works in the Penza land, is one of five world leaders in this segment," he added.

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