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Damate to put poultry production sites in three areas of Penza region into operation

14:36 | 29.03.2018 | Agriculture


Penza, 29 March 2018. PenzaNews. Damate Group, which is the largest turkey producer in the country, will put into operation poultry production sites in the Mokshansky, Vadinsky and Spassky areas of the Penza region.

Damate to put poultry production sites in three areas of Penza region into operation

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As it was reported by the company's press service, when choosing a place for the construction availability of suitable land and sufficient labour resources as well as electric power and development of the transport network were taken into account.

It is planned that in each of the Mokshansky and Spassky areas two breeding and four fattening sites will be built, in the Vadinsky area – three and six respectively.

A half of poultry yards in the Mokshansky area will have been constructed in April-May 2018. Some of facilities in the Vadinsky area are planned to be launched in June. The facilities in the Spassky area will have been finished in October – currently exploratory works are conducted at the site.

As expected, thanks to the introduction of new facilities in three areas of the Penza region, over 370 new jobs will be created.

According to general director of Damate Group Rashid Khairov, over five years the holding studied the technology of poultry facilities construction in a great detail, that is why it takes up to six months to build one depending on a season and while working at six sites simultaneously.

"Nevertheless, we are constantly monitoring innovative developments and trying to implement the best of them in our facilities," he emphasized.

Thus, for example, when constructing new poultry yards in the Penza region it is planned to make changes to the supply and exhaust ventilation as well as to install more streamlined and ergonomic systems of feeding and watering.

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