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18 November 2015

Ivan Belozertsev monitors kindergarten construction in Penza

18.11.15 15:58 | Society

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev has taken an inspection visit to several kindergarten construction sites in Ternovka and GPZ-24 neighborhood areas of the city.

Penza Russian Charity and Health Foundation branch founder passes away

18.11.15 15:33 | Society

Irina Khlebushkina, the founder and the steadfast head of the Penza region branch for the Russian Foundation for Charity and Health, 76, has passed away.

Mikhail Poverenov to temporarily take over Penza area administration head’s duties

18.11.15 14:58 | Politics

Mikhail Poverenov will be taking over the duties of the head of administration for the Penza area in the Penza region until a new candidate is chosen for the office.

Fifth PSUAC Satiated Student Day takes place in Penza

18.11.15 14:48 | Society

The fifth PSUAC Satiated Student Day dedicated to International Students Day has taken place in “Sovremennik” cinema hall in Penza.

Bread loaf contest scheduled in Penza on Agricultural and Food Industry Worker Day

18.11.15 11:29 | Society

Agricultural and Food Industry Worker Day will be celebrated in Penza with a bread loaf contest that will take place at “Penza” cinema and concert hall on Friday, November 20.

Sergei Volkov to become acting Penza city mayor

18.11.15 10:20 | Politics

Sergei Volkov, deputy head of Penza city administration in education and social policy, will serve as acting mayor before the Duma deputies decide on the new candidate, the city head Victor Kuvaytsev announced during the 14th extraordinary Duma session held on Wednesday, November 18.

Penza city Duma deputies support Yuri Krivov’s early resignation notice

18.11.15 10:07 | Politics

The deputies in the Penza city Duma of the sixth convocation have supported the early resignation notice by the mayor Yuri Krivov during the 14th extraordinary session held on Wednesday, November 18.

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