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29 December 2016

Case of mass medium recognized as foreign agent continued in Penza

29.12.16 15:51 | Society

The regional court left unchanged the decision of the Leninsky area court of Penza, which denied the right of “Valentin Manuylov” publishing house to challenge the order stated in the inspection act of the Ministry of Justice of 12 April 2016, which allowed including the independent non-commercial organization in the list ...

Penza mayor presented robot of telepresence to residents of “Kvartal Louis”

29.12.16 15:48 | Society

The head of the Penza administration presented residents of the socio-educational center for disabled people  “Kvartal Louis” a robot of telepresence at the visit to the eponymous art hall on Thursday, December 29.

26 new ambulances delivered to Penza region

29.12.16 14:08 | Medicine

The keys to 26 new cars were presented to the drivers of ambulance cars in Penza on Thursday, December 29.

Polar bear gets opportunity to swim in swimming pool and admire stars in Penza

29.12.16 13:20 | Society

The polar bear that lives in the Penza zoo was resettled to a new zoo enclosure and received more freedom – now it can move freely in the territory allotted to it and even swim in a swimming pool.

RusLine to introduce additional flights from Penza to Moscow starting January 23

29.12.16 12:15 | Society

RusLine airline will introduce additional flights from Penza to Moscow starting January 23.

Police officers find stolen car at scrap metal receiving point near Penza

29.12.16 11:37 | Crime

The officers of the criminal investigation department discovered the broken VAZ-21011 car stolen near the building in Sumskaya street in Grabovo village of the Bessonovsky area of the Penza region at the local scrap metal receiving point.

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