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Moldavian “white mage” detained, charged with fraud in Penza

14:07 | 27.06.2016 | Crime


Penza, 27 June 2016. PenzaNews. A 30-year old woman from Moldavia has been detained in Penza on charges of committing several acts of fraud in Russian regions by posing as a “white mage.”

Moldavian “white mage” detained, charged with fraud in Penza

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She incurred financial damages for over 2 million rubles, the press service of the Penza region Ministry of the Interior department told PenzaNews.

“The suspect was introducing herself as a white mage capable of solving her clients’ personal issues with spells, complete with big advertising. All meetings were held at the suspect’s rented flat: she persuaded her clients that all bad in their fate happened because their money and gold jewelry are soaked with bad energy harmful for human aura and need cleaning, making gullible people give jewelry and big sums of money to her without any second thoughts,” they explained.

The woman was skilled at getting on good terms with other people by beginning any talks with questions about their families, the police added.

“People were coming to the alleged esper with questions about their private life and unemployment, and followed her instructions unquestionably. She was organizing ‘remote rituals’ with them via phone, but every case ended with her cutting contact and moving away from the rented flat,” the police noted.

The fraudster committed 8 such crimes for 1.5 million rubles worth of damages in Kursk; two crimes for 500,000 rubles in St. Petersburg, and one for 80,000 rubles in Penza, which ended up being the lasto ne for her, the press service clarified.

“The woman was careful to disguise her identity with wigs. However, the police managed to gather enough evidence to establish her connection to the crimes. The suspect was brought to Kursk for further questioning. The investigation of the cases is still ongoing,” the police concluded.

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