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Vagrant convicted of abuse over schoolgirl in Serdobsk

12:21 | 09.09.2016 | Crime


Serdobsk, 9 September 2016. PenzaNews. A sentence of 12.5 years of imprisonment in a colony with a restriction of freedom for 1.5 years was appointed to a 33-year-old native of the Astrakhan region, who was found guilty of a schoolgirl abuse in Serdobsk, the Penza region.

Vagrant convicted of abuse over schoolgirl in Serdobsk

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“It has been established that on April 20, at around 17.00 in Serdobsk the man followed an 11-year-old girl, who was returning home. A few meters from the girl’s house, he attacked the girl and tied to commit sexual assault. The girl’s mother heard her shouting; the attacker got frightened and tried to escape. However, the mother of the child with the help of passers-by was able to catch him in the street and hold up until the police arrived,” Lyudmila Fomina, senior assistant of the head of the regional Investigative Committee for media relations, told PenzaNews

She said that the man was a vagrant and had criminal record for theft and illegal possession of weapon.

“According to the judicial psychological and psychiatric examination, the man at the time of the incriminated acts, realized what was happening and was found sane,” the agency interlocutor added.

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