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Robbers who attack woman with electric shocker convinced in Penza

17:33 | 27.01.2017 | Crime


Penza, 27 January 2017. PenzaNews. Two young men and two girls, one of whom is underage, who attacked a Penza resident on the night of June 1, 2016, were found guilty by the court for committing a robbery.

Robbers who attack woman with electric shocker convinced in Penza

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As it was reported by the senior assistant of the head of the regional prosecutor for media relations Svetlana Artamonova, the crime was committed by a 26-year-old resident of Penza and three residents of the Neverkinsky area – a 24-year-old man and two girls aged 18 and 17.

"At the suggestion of the underage girl they agreed to attack a 38-year-old resident of Penza. The criminal group waited for the victim in the parking area near her house in Austrina street in Penza, the men approached the woman's car, one of them grabbed her by the neck, knocked down to the ground and inflicted at least two strokes by an electric shocker in the neck area. Both accomplices of the attack were observing the environment," the interlocutor explained.

According to Svetlana Artamonova, by threatening the victim with the electric shocker and further violence, the criminals forced the woman into the Toyota RAV4 car, put a prepared hat on her head and tied her hands with sticky tape.

"One of the criminals hit the victim on the head tree times with his hands. The attackers demanded the property that belonged to the woman. Fearing for her life and health, the woman gave them the money she had, the telephone, jewelry and car keys. The attackers fled from the scene of the crime with the stolen things causing the damage that exceeds 1 million rubles," the senior assistant of the prosecutor specified.

She added that the men were sentenced to 6.5 and 4 years of imprisonment in the penal colony of high-security regime, the young woman – to 3 years of imprisonment in the penal colony of general regime, and the 17-year-old girl was given 2.5-year suspended sentence with 3-year probation period and additional responsibilities laid on her by the court.

"The court exacted moral damages in favour of the victim: 35,000 rubles from one of the men, and 30,000 from each of the girls. The other convicted man reimbursed the moral damage during the study of the case," Svetlana Artamonova explained specifying that the sentence did not come into effect.

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