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Ammunition and arms depot discovered in bushes in Penza

17:03 | 30.06.2017 | Crime


Penza, 30 June 2017. PenzaNews. Police officers discovered a cardboard box wrapped in a sticky tape that contained arms and ammunition in the bushes near a garage area in Furmanova street in Penza.

Ammunition and arms depot discovered in bushes in Penza

Photo: 58.мвд.рф

"The box contained two Makarov guns, a TT pistol, a traumatic pistol ‘Baikal’, a sawn-off double-barrelled shotgun, over 40 cartridges for the Makarov guns, as well as four devices for silent shooting," the press service of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told PenzaNews on Friday, June 30.

The department explained that the contents of the box were confiscated and sent to investigation, which will establish whether the arms had been used before for committing crimes, whether these are military weapons, and whether the ammunition can still be used for shooting.

"At present, investigation on the fact of illegal storage of arms and ammunition is conducted," the department explained.

The press service added that the police officers are taking measures to identify the person who made the depot.

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