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Man who took hostages in Penza sauna receives suspended sentence

16:37 | 09.01.2018 | Crime


Penza, 9 January 2018. PenzaNews. The 32-year-old man who was found guilty by court in illegal deprivation of freedom of two sauna employees in Penza received two years of suspended sentence. This was reported by the acting senior assistant of the head of the regional investigative department for media relations under the Investigative Committee of Russia Natalia Fomina.

Man who took hostages in Penza sauna receives suspended sentence

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"On October 6, 2017, the man being in a state of alcohol intoxication was in the sauna in Bakunina street of the city of Penza. In the course of an argument with the administrator and knowing that there was another worker in the building he locked the room from inside and then took a signal pistol and a replica gun from the bag he had with him," the interlocutor said.

She added that the criminal aimed the weapons towards the young girls born 1991 and 1999 forbidding them from leaving the premises without his permission.

"In addition, in order to eliminate the escape of the girls, he took handcuffs out from his bag and locked them on victims' hands chaining the girls to each other. In addition, the man showed them a souvenir bayonet knife and a mock hand grenade," Natalia Fomina said.

The representative of the Investigative Department reminded that the hostages had been released by workers of the Special Rapid Reaction Unit.

"The verdict has not entered into legal force yet," she specified.

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