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Alexey Lvov-Belov: Poor acoustics may affect impression of new Philharmonic

09:35 | 27.11.2012 | Culture


Penza, 27 November 2012. PenzaNews. Poor acoustics may affect the visitors’ impression of the new Penza Philharmonic, if the acoustic quality of the halls is not paid proper attention to. This opinion was expressed by Philharmonic director Alexey Lvov-Belov on Tuesday, November 27. According to him, two acoustic projects are currently considered to be implemented in the walls of the new building of Penza Philharmonic — the one by Austrian company “Hutter Acustix GmbH”, and the second one by the head acoustics laboratory of the institute of television and radio Mikhail Lanai, development of which is much cheaper with no guarantee of quality.

Alexey Lvov-Belov

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He added that both projects are currently verified in Germany, the experts will give an objective assessment of the each project.

“In my opinion, quality acoustics is the main advantage of any Philharmonic. When it comes to sound quality in the new building, there should not be any disputes about the price. If we do not create acoustics Philharmonic halls will remain empty,” Alexey Lvov-Belov.

The representatives of the Austrian company “Hutter Acustix GmbH” presented their acoustic project for Penza Philharmonic in July 2012. Within 21 years on the market, the company has implemented around 200 projects in various halls of Europe receiving numerous positive reviews.

One of the latest works of Mikhail Lanai was the project for small and large concert halls in Krasnoyarsk Regional Philharmonic, the acoustic quality of which was complained at by numerous artists.

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