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Dmitry Malikov: Penza changed remarkably for its 350th anniversary

16:57 | 16.09.2013 | Culture


Penza, 16 September 2013. PenzaNews. Penza has changed remarkably for its 350th anniversary. This opinion was expressed by the famous Russian composer, singer and producer Dmitry Malikov, who was invited to attend a concert in honor of the city, organized in Lenin Square on Sunday evening, September 15.

Dmitry Malikov: Penza changed remarkably for its 350th anniversary

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He noted that when driving along Penza, he saw the newly constructed buildings of the Philharmonic and a concert hall.

“Of course, there is a special occasion for that. But I hope that even apart from the celebration the people want to live in a beautiful, modern, civilized city,” the singer said.

Dmitry Malikov added that over the past five years he has developed creative and friendly relationship with the people of Penza.

“This is my third visit here in this year — I had a solo concert at the Drama Theatre, then “Music Lessons” and the Children's Day. Today, everything is well organized and, most importantly, that there is no rain. This is an extremely good sign,” he said.

Speaking about the songs to be performed during the concert, Dmitry Malikov explained that at such celebrations it is difficult to show all the facets of work.

“So, basically, I will have to sing what people want to hear and what they like, that is, people’s favorite songs which I have plenty of for over 25 years of creative activity. And since I have not such a big show, around 30 minutes, I will perform the best songs and one new song, which was included in the “Golden Gramophone,” the artist summed up.

As news agency PenzaNews reported earlier, the performance of Dmitry Malikov at the celebrations devoted to the anniversary of Penza cost the regional budget over one million rubles.

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