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International Festival “Fortress Rus” gathered almost one million participants in Penza

10:23 | 16.09.2013 | Culture


Penza, 16 September 2013. PenzaNews. Almost one thousand participants gathered in Penza for the third international festival of ethnic music and culture “Fortress Rus,” which started at Teatralnaya Square on Saturday, September 14, and ended with a gala concert at the recreation center “Russaya okhota” [Russian hunting] on Sunday evening, September 15.

International Festival “Fortress Rus” gathered almost one million participants in Penza

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According to the director of the festival Mikhail Kokorin, the first day of the event was organized as a craft fair, and creative groups from different cities of Russia, including Penza, showed their skills.

“As a part of the festival several events were held simultaneously. Thus, final results were summed up on the inter-regional competition “Songs of the native land” named after A. Tarkhova. In addition, the guests of “Russkaya okhota” were able to take part in the all-Russia summit of pilaf, the money from which will be donated to children's homes in the region. Moreover, we implement the project “EthnoGrad” uniting all the national associations of the Penza region. Chuvash, Armenians, Uzbeks, Tatars, Tajiks and Mordovians presented their crafts and cuisine,” the agency interlocutor explained.

He said that all three festivals “Fortress Rus” were dedicated to the 350th anniversary of Penza.

“It is very pleasing that every year the number of participants increases by one third. The festival is acquiring a new status. The people will learn about it through the Internet and by the “word of mouth.” I hope it will become an annual event,” Mikhail Kokorin noted.

In turn, the curator of “SenoFest” [Hay fest], which was also held during the festival “Fortress Rus,” Daria Lisitsyna suggested that the residents of Penza received a nice gift to the City Day.

“SenoFest” was held for the second time in Russia and for the first time in Penza. On September 10-15, the best specialists in landscape design from our country and Ukraine created the figure of hay brought from Mokshansky area. Around two tons of hay was delivered here. Art-creations made by the members of six teams can survive till the next season. It is possible that the administration of recreation area will use them as Christmas decorations in winter,” she said.

The general partner of the third international festival of ethnic music and culture “Fortress Rus” became the company Rostelekom.”

As the director of Penza branch of JSC Rostelekom Lev Dyatlo noted, the festival was distinguished by its scale and eventful program.

“Our company has traditionally supported cultural events, city festivals, as well as projects aimed at promoting sports and healthy lifestyle. Rostelekom implements similar long-term programs throughout its service territory,” he added.

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