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Kuznetsk mayor congratulated sports coach Adgam Abubekerov with 70th anniversary

11:50 | 02.01.2015 | Culture


Kuznetsk, 2 January 2015. PenzaNews. The head of the Kuznetsk city administration in the Penza region Sergei Zlatogorsky has sent a letter of congratulation to the Greek-Roman wrestling sports coach Adgam Abubekerov, who is celebrating his 70th anniversary on Friday, January 2.

“The mayor has expressed his gratitude to the renown sports coach for his high professional level and work in improving the Greek-Roman wrestling school in Kuznetsk,” the press service of the city administration told PenzaNews agency.

Adgam Tagirovich Abubekerov is a sports coach with 44 years of experience. He was deemed the sports veteran of the post-Soviet age.

In 1971, he became one of the founders of the Kuznetsk city Greek-Roman wrestling school.

Since then, he trained many sportsmen who won numerous international, ex-Soviet-wide and Russian competitions, including winners of top world events. Over 20 of his trainees are masters of sports, and two have achieved popularity as international masters of sports.

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