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Charity film show supporting “Jazz May” festival held in Penza

09:59 | 30.04.2015 | Culture


Penza, 30 April 2015. PenzaNews. The cinema and concert hall “Penza” held a charity film show late on Wednesday, April 29, to support Jazz May festival.

Charity film show supporting “Jazz May” festival held in Penza

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The audience was invited to watch a 1923 mute film “Treasure” directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst from Austria, with an overlay soundtrack composed by a renown multi-instrument musician Sergei Letov.

In his improvised music track, he used a flute, several synths, and rare musical instruments, such as a C-Melody saxophone or an out-of-production Yamaha WX-5 wind controller.

Before the show, the musician read the audience a brief lecture on the history of mute cinema and the music that accompanied it.

Originally, the viewers would have watched the digitized, retouched and tone-colored film in German about an old steel founder’s apprentice possessed by treasures allegedly hidden in his master’s house with the Russian subtitles: however, due to a hardware glitch, the film was shown in original.

The event was organized to help gather money for the jazz festival, and featured a small donation podium for people to help Jazz May with any sum they could spare, and take a photo with a banner saying “I helped Jazz May, and you?” or “Waiting for Jazz May.”

Moreover, the film show was preceded by a performance of Yuri Belonogov’s “Express-Band” jazz music ensemble in the foyer of the cinema and concert hall.

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