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Alexander Bunin compares Penza Jazz May festival to musical import replacement

11:12 | 15.05.2015 | Culture


Penza, 15 May 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza Jazz May music festival held on May 14-17 is a unique example of import replacement in the musical area, Alexander Bunin, Serebryany Dozhd radio station host and well-known traveler, told PenzaNews agency in the evening of Thursday, May 14. The traveler was invited to take part in the open-air concert held in the Sputnik City apartment complex.

Alexander Bunin compares Penza Jazz May festival to musical import replacement

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“When I learned of such an interesting and popular event being held here, I saw it might be popular not just because of music, but because the people are gathering here and spending time together. After all, music is just something that brings people together,” the speaker said.

He added that recent times gave birth to many voices speaking about replacing the foreign music with one composed in Russia.

“We are trying to replace the Bulgarian tomatoes, replace the French cheeses. Here and now we are trying to replace those incredibly popular musical festivals worldwide, trying to make something of our own,” the radio host pointed out.

Jazz May and other events like that help develop internal tourism and become a massive attraction for people, including those arriving from other cities.

Discussing his plans, Alexander Bunin said he will use his visit to Penza to “listen to jazz while sightseeing.”

“I will try to ride through most of the city. I cannot promise I will sit at all these concerts from start to finish, because I hate the music, but, trust me, watching it all happening is much more interesting than analyzing the jazz like the musical critics, musical journalists or somebody else do. Everything that is taking place along the jazz festival is also very interesting,” he concluded.

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