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Irina Alferova, Albert Filozov to play in Penza Drama Theater

09:06 | 17.05.2015 | Culture


Penza, 17 May 2015. PenzaNews. The Moscow theater “School of Modern Stage Play” (“Shkola Sovremennoy Pyesy”) will be showing its plays from the stage of the Penza Region Lunacharsky Drama Theater on June 10-11.

Irina Alferova, Albert Filozov to play in Penza Drama Theater

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“It will perform as part of the program ‘Grand Tour 2015’ organized by the Federal Tour Support Center of the Russian Ministry of Culture,” Vitaly Sokolov, literary and drama administrator of the Penza Drama Theater, informed PenzaNews agency.

The repertoire of the Moscow theater is unique in that it stages only modern plays by Russian playwrights.

“Each play of the theater is the first time people see it staged, which means each performance of the School of Modern Stage Play is a worldwide premiere. Even if the script is based on a classical source, the composition is always modern and original,” the speaker explained.

The theater crew includes such well known and loved artists as Irina Alferova, Albert Filozov, Vladimir Shulga, Anzhelika Volchkova, Ivan Mamonov, Alexander Ovchinnikov and others, all led by its founder, People’s Artist of Russia Iosif Raikhelgauz.

“On June 10, the Penza public will enjoy a lyrical comedy ‘A Night with a Stranger’ by contemporary playwright Natalya Savitskaya, with such stars as Irina Alferova, Vladimir Shulga, Alexander Ovchinnikov, Anzhelika Volchkova and Tatyana Polosina. It is a story about an owner of a small business who got into a questionable deal and ended up owing a large sum of money to his investor. In his outrage, the investor decided to take after Batu Khan, who demanded ‘nudity of their wives’ from the Rus ambassadors in a form of barbarous punishment. How the protagonists will get out of this predicament will remain a mystery until the end of the story full of unexpected twists,” the cultural official noted.

On June 11, the theater will show its trademark play “Hey, why’re you wearin’ tailcoat?” (A Choi-to Ty Vo Frake?), he remarked.

“This is an ‘opera and ballet for drama theater artists’ based on Anton Chekhov’s vaudeville ‘A Marriage Proposal.’ The legendary play was staged over 500 times in Moscow, in Russia and abroad, and the public never left a single free seat unoccupied. The genre created by our stage manager Iosif Raikhelgauz merges irony and lyric, small parodies and deep respect to Chekhov’s original play. The drama actors accompanied by live orchestra do ballet dances, and the laughter grows with their seriousness. The play stars Albert Filozov, Anzhelika Volchkova and Ivan Mamonov,” Vitaly Sokolov said.

Early in the morning on June 11, “School of Modern Stage Play” will hold a children’s play “Vrednyye Sovety” (“Bad Advice”) based on the poems of Grigory Oster.  

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