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Penza citizens to gain new untraditional recreation space

17:23 | 04.06.2015 | Culture


Penza, 4 June 2015. PenzaNews. An art-backyard recreation area will open in Penza on Saturday, June 6, by Moskovskaya street, 97.

“One of the few remaining archs with a small backyard in the lower section of Moskovskaya street will welcome those who love untraditional rest and recreation. The founders of the art-backyard tried to create a space where people could sit in the shade, listen to soothing music and take a short vacation from the rush of the city,” Nellya Bakhteeva, founder and head of “Derevo” tea studio, one of the project’s makers, told PenzaNews agency.

The decoration and construction were crowdfunded, but on their own, she explained.

“We found the minimum of the money for improving the backyard in less than three weeks. This speaks a lot about how much the Penza citizens need art-spaces,” the speaker noted.

Nellya Bakhteeva added that the art group plans to hold meetings and concerts of bands from Penza and other cities in the future.

“It may be a scene for the talented local musicians, poets, hand-made crafters, art unions,” she said.

The opening of the art-backyard will include performances of “Kult-URA!” and “Café Vincent” together with Kseniya Kichkidova, leader of “Ansamble Soldatkinoy Pesni,” as well as a DJ-set from “Organic Haze,” “Lopat” and “Mortalsound.”

The opening will take place at 18.00.

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