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Penza Drama Theater actors involved in “Touching the Mystery” film

10:17 | 05.07.2015 | Culture


Penza, 5 July 2015. PenzaNews. Vera Dupenko, Pavel Tachnkov and Vasily Konopatin, actors of the Penza regional Lunacharsky Drama Theater, are involved in the creation of a new film for the Myasnikov Museum of One Painting.

An art documentary “Touching the Mystery” is a project prepared for the new display of the museum dedicated to the painting “Portrait of Varvara Dmitrievna Rimskaya-Korsakova” by the German artist Franz Xaver Winterhalter made in 1864, a long-time project of Valery Sazonov, former director of the Savitsky Picture Gallery who passed away in spring of 2015.

The first day of shooting took place in Prokazna village of the Bessonovsky area of the Penza retion, the former A.A. Arapov estate, on July 3. The estate had been holding the portrait of Varvara Rimskaya-Korsakova (nee Mergasova) between 1881 and 1918.

The film aims to tell the visitors how the painting that was in Nice ended up in Prokazna and reveal other mysteries of the work of art. The actor Pavel Tachkov took part in the shooting.

On July 4, the actors Vera Dupenko and Pavel Tachkov took part in the filming of a romantic meeting between Nikolai Korsakov and Varenka (Varvara) Mergasova.

The film will be narrated by the Distinguished Artist of Russia Vasily Konopatin, a long-time friend of Valery Sazonov, reports the website of the Penza regional Lunacharsky Drama Theater.

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