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Penza Drama Theater actors begin rehearsing “Zolushka” musical play

09:40 | 07.08.2015 | Culture


Penza, 7 August 2015. PenzaNews. The actors of the Penza Lunacharsky Drama Theater began rehearsals of the musical play “Zolushka” after the film script of Evgeny Schwartz.

Penza Drama Theater actors begin rehearsing “Zolushka” musical play

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“The bright, colorful musical play ‘Zolushka’ was one of the early premiers of the theater in the new building and was originally shown on December 12, 2010. The play was created by an art group from Saratov: German Magnusov as stage director, Yelena Nemchaninova was the head artist of the Saratov Operetta Theater, Alexei Zykov as dance director, and Penza professionals, dance director Natalya Kinge and vocals teacher Olga Roba,” the theater’s literary director Vitaly Sokolov told PenzaNews agency.

The role of Zolushka in the new play will be performed by Yulia Kuznetsova, who joined the theater roster a year ago but already took part in 12 various roles in the season, including Lyubasha Tolmacheva in yet another musical play “The Sevastopol Waltz.”

“Artem Tikhomirov, last season’s debutant as Romeo in Shakespeare’s tragedy who is already involved in 10 plays in our repertoire, as The Prince,” the speaker said.

Vitaly Sokolov added that Sergei Pakhomov, an invited actor, now full-fledged Penza Theater artist, who played King Mark in last year’s Tristan and Isolde, as The King.

“Moreover, Sergei Drozhilov will once again play the Storyteller, and Yulia Cheremukhina who played the Stepmother in 2010 will do so once agein. Elena Pavlova will play as Anna, Yulia Kuzmina as Marianna. Alexander Steshin will play as the Minister, and Vera Dupenko will play the Fairy,” he added.

The speaker also added that the rest of the roles will be played by the Distinguished Artist of Russia Natalya Starovoyt, Natalya Arefyeva, Anna Arzyamova, Olga Bityutskaya, Anna Galtseva, Anatoly Gromov, Ilya Kochetkov, Marina Matvevnina, Vladislav Matyukin, Olga Panina, Elena Ushakova, Artem Samokhin, Maria Solovyeva, and Lidia Stakhanova.

“The renewed ‘Zolushka’ will premiere in late September,” Vitaly Sokolov added.

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