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“The Valley of the Ancient Mordovians” to be create in Penza region

11:33 | 15.08.2015 | Culture


Penza, 15 August 2015. PenzaNews. Historical and cultural complex «The Valley of the Ancient Mordovians” is projected on the burial place discovered near Razhki village, Kamensky area, the Penza region.

It will be based on the foundation of archaeological and anthropological research of the cemeteries of the ancient Mordovian population that existed from II to IV century, as well as ethnographic and dialect researches of modern population of villages in Nizhnelomovsky area.

According to the Penza regional specialist, Professor Gennady Belorybkin, they discovered up to 500 sq. meters of the cultural layer and found 31 burials.

It is assumed that the ancient cemetery has hundreds of graves. Archaeologists have found fragments of dishes, beads made of gold and glass, breast plates, temple pendants, buckles, leather footwear parts.

According to the expedition participant, archaeologist Vladimir Stavisky, some findings can help determine the origin of the ancient Mordovian population of the Penza region — a number of jewelry has a lot in common with the culture of the ancient Kama region.

The next goal of the researchers is to find the settlement, which was located near the cemetery. Presumably, there were several settlements.

As the director of the Penza State Regional Museum Vladimir Zimenkov noted, “The Valley of the Ancient Mordovians” complex will be interesting for tourists not only from the Penza region and the regions with Mordovian population, but for all Russia and foreign countries.

It is expected to summarize the archaeological, anthropological and other studies in the fall, and also release a monograph devoted to the findings, the press service of the government of the Penza region informs.

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