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Olga Atyukova donates antique mirror to Penza Picture Gallery

14:18 | 29.09.2015 | Culture


Penza, 29 September 2015. PenzaNews. Olga Atyukova, deputy Presidential plenipotentiary envoy in the Central Federal District, former head of the Penza region government in 2009-2011, has donated an antique family mirror to the Savitsky Picture Gallery.

Olga Atyukova donates antique mirror to Penza Picture Gallery

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Originally, Olga Atyukova has had the idea to donate the mirror to one of the museums in the Penza region a long time ago, the director of the Picture Gallery Kirill Zastrozhny told PenzaNews agency.

“We had a talk during the inauguration ceremony of the governor Ivan Belozertsev. It turns out she discussed donating this rare mirror, made in late 18th or early 19th century, to one of the Penza museums many years ago with the then Minister of Culture Victor Ogarev. This is a family mirror that was passed between generations to the present day. But the donation plan did not take place back then, she [Olga Atyukova] left for Moscow, and the question was left hanging,” he explained.

Kirill Zastrozhny noted his interest was piqued by this item getting added to the fund of the Picture Gallery.

“I took great interest in it, and said we would gladly take it if we had an opportunity, as we already have antique furniture such as cabinets, toilet tables and mirrors in our collection. Moreover, we need some more furniture of 18-19th centuries for the Museum of a Single Picture,” the director of the Savitsky Picture Gallery added.

The mirror was donated in good condition, he stressed.

“The only thing is, the wood was painted several times while the mirror was in use. We need to remove these layers, get to the wood itself, and only then will our specialists, firstly, date it, and secondly, get to restoration,” the speaker clarified.

According to Kirill Zastrozhny, the mirror itself did not darken with the age.

“It reflects very well, and the mirrors usually get blurry. That means it really is of high-quality one-of-a-kind manual craftsmanship by the glassmakers of the time,” he pointed out.

The director of the picture gallery also expressed his gratitude to Olga Atyukova for the valuable gift.

“The mirror is currently in our painting workshop, the painters begin the restoration. After that, we will choose where to place it in the museum,” Kirill Zastrozhny said.

The antique mirror will be fully restored by mid-October, he added.

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