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Turetsky Choir Art Group presents 25th anniversary performance in Penza

11:34 | 05.11.2015 | Culture


Penza, 5 November 2015. PenzaNews. The Turetsky Men’s Choir Art Group held an anniversary performance “We’re 25. Best” at “Penza” cinema and concert hall in the evening of Wednesday, November 4.

Turetsky Choir Art Group presents 25th anniversary performance in Penza

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The concert began with a rendition of “Figaro,” followed by “Vlyublenny Soldat,” “Bayadera,” “O Fortuna,” “Pepel,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and others.

Introducing the next composition, People’s Artist of Russia Mikhail Turetsky, leader of the art group, announced “the timeless Russian crisis-shunning song” – “Cherny Voron.” The audience began singing along with the choir from the very first chords.

Before the song “Generaly Peschanykh Karyerov,” the leader of the art group stressed that Penza is changing for the better, dedicating it to those who are developing the infrastructure in city and the region.

“This is the first time the road was good when we were driving from Saratov,” Mikhail Kuznetsky jested.

The performance also featured a potpourri rendition of Komsomol movement songs: the part that included the words from “Neba Utrennevo Styag” elicited a grand sing-along reaction from the audience.

“Dear comrades, today, on National Unity Day, we will sing the mega hits of the age of Romantic Socialism on Suvorova street,” Mikhail Turetsky. One of the choir’s artists even stood on a chair after the rendition, imitating Vladimir Lenin.

Following that, the choir performed the song “Vecherny Zvon,” to a grandiose round of applause from the audience.

In a word of gratitude for the warm welcome, Mikhail Turetsky stressed that the team always finds pleasure in arriving to Penza, and added that he finds it particularly good to see the Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev on one of the seats.

The head of the region stepped up on the stage, and congratulated the audience with National Unity Day and the day of the Icon of the Kazan Mother of God.

“At all tough and difficult times for Russia – in 1612, in 1812, in 1945, after the war time – the unity of the people always helped to withstand it and win,” Ivan Belozertsev stressed.

He also congratulated the Turetsky Choir with their 25th anniversary.

“There is a wonderful team, splendid voices, immeasurable support from those who love you,” the governor said.

Ivan Belozertsev also invited Mikhail Turetsky and the team to return back to Penza in summer and sing together with the citizens in an open air concert.

“We will come to you in June and sing other songs – folk songs,” the artist promised.

In return, the head of the region asked them to rehearse the songs by Penza-born writers, such as “Vosemnadsat Let.”

He also presented Mikhail Turetsky a letter of welcome, a flower bouquet, and a Nikolsk crystal glass vase.

After the break, the concert continued with songs “Khodyat Koni,” “Mi Voshli v Berlin,” “Ty Odessit, Mishka,” “Chervona Ruta,” “Mamma Mia,” “Vechnaya Lyubov (Une Vie D’amour),” “Men’s Tango,” and others.

Shortly before the concert’s end, Mikhail Turetsky invited the audience to step up into the stage. When one of the viewers cried “Balcony’s coming!” the artist quipped right back: “Only by stairs, please.”

The last few songs of the evening were performed together with the audience, while the artists eagerly posed for joint photos.

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